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Harry and Clare's Amazing Staycation - a bookwrap


"Harry and Clare's Amazing Staycation"

Authored by Ted Staunton and Illustrated by Mika Song

Unwrapping some illustrations for you to take a peek at...

About the book...

It's finally Spring Break.  Clare and her little brother Harry are looking forward to a wonderful vacation.  But wait?  There are no tickets for an airplane, bus, boat, or even train hanging on their fridge that will transport them to a wonderful destination.  So what could be their alternative?  Why, a Staycation of course!!! 

Monday arrives admidst a rainy shroud and the kids then have to ignite their brain power to create something magical, (and indoors) to do.  Brilliantly they transform the living room into planet Mars, complete with lava-spewing volcanoes and jagged rocky terrain.  Clare, being the older, takes it upon herself to carry the snacks for their expedition.  Unfortunately Harry gets sucked into some quicksand and tries to rescue himself. Because he is busy trying to survive, Clare eats his snack for him. Yum!

Tuesday has more rain pouring down so the kids go to the supermarket and roar around the indoor course in a mini-sized Pasta Linguini racing car.  Wednesday, yep you guessed it, still more rain happening.  This day leads the kids to the public swimming pool walking planks (diving boards) and playing mean-spirited pirates.  Each day the kids have to plan different scenarios and adventures to act out and each time big sister Clare finds a way to scoff her little brother's snacks.  

Harry, quite fed up with his sister's thievery, decides to take action  and monitor his snacks all on his own.  He becomes a snack prepper.  He propels snacks into his pockets for later use.  He performs as a lion in their make-believe circus,  partakes in a treasure hunt through the local park, and hunts for a sunken ship while riding a Kimono dragon... never boring! 

Tired and hungry from all the pretend action Harry doesn't say a word...

"... he took something from his pocket and began to munch."

This certainly got Clare's attention...

"Where did you get that?" Clare demanded. 

Will Harry be a generous little brother and tell her then share his booty with his overbearing big sister?  Will Clare be mean and just take it from him?  Ah ah! No way!  You have to get a copy of the book to find out.  

The illustrations are simple, expressive and full of action making this an adventure story that is sure to ignite imaginations and incite Staycation adventures for your own child.   I love it! 

 Storywraps rating:  5 Hugs!!!!!

About the author...


  TED STAUNTON writes for audiences of all ages, creating funny and perceptive stories of childhood, teen and family life. Trained as a teacher, Ted is also a speaker, performer, and workshop leader in schools, libraries and venues across Canada. When not writing his award-winning books, Ted likes to perform with the Maple Leaf Champions Jug Band. (He brings his guitar and banjo to school presentations as well.) He also enjoys running, reading and listening to music. Ted and his family live in Port Hope, Ontario. 

About the illustrator...

 MIKA SONG is a children's writer and illustrator who likes to make stories about sweetly funny outsiders. She grew up in Manila, Philippines and Honolulu, Hawaii before moving to New York to study animation at Pratt Institute. She worked in children's educational animation before devoting herself to writing and illustrating children's books. These days she draws in her tiny apartment in

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