Thursday, December 22, 2016

The King of Kindness-a bookwrap

We all love to be a winner.  But is it good to have to win all of the time?  What about the others playing against you, how do they feel losing always?  Sometimes it's great to stop and move beyond your self gratification and practice random acts of kindness towards others who are feeling constantly defeated.  Sometimes when you do that...  it's in those times that you discover what real winning is! 


"The King Of Kindness"

Authored by Terrica Joseph and Illustrated by Paula S. Wallace 

Ages 4-8

Unwrapping some illustrations for you...

About the book...

Timmy, an adorable little mouse, loves his yummy pancake breakfast,  and even more he loves playing checkers.  He is an awesome player and never ever loses a game.  He thinks about new moves daily and  how to win his next game.  His Mother questions him about his newly discovered strategies and he replies...

"It's top secret! Sorry, Mom."

"Well, whatever it is, I hope you're being kind Timmy." 
"No one likes losing all the time.  You have to consider your friend's feelings too."

Timmy is ecstatic because there is a big tournament coming up at school and he is a shoo-in to win.  Nobody has ever ever won against him... no one!   His best friend Wolly has tried over and over but each time he has not succeeded.  

Timmy can just imagine proudly showing off his shiny trophy to his siblings and boasting about his championship and being top-mouse in the checker's world.  

The day of the tournament arrives and Timmy has no trouble knocking off all his opponents... all except his friend, Wolly.  Oh boy, Timmy can just taste his victory!  He most certainly is going to be King Mouse of the Castle... but his Mother's words keep haunting him because she wants him to be King Mouse of Kindness.

Reluctantly Timmy asks his best friend what his motivation is for wanting to win the trophy.  When he hears Wolly's reply his words pierce deeply into Timmy's heart and his little Grinch heart is totally changed and transformed into..... KINDNESS!   What could Wolly have possibly shared that would cause Timmy to rethink his position of domination and even consider conceding to his best friend's wish.  But will he actually follow through and bless his best friend Wolly and put kindness over his own selfish pride? 

The illustrations are simple but very effective and the message is positive and inspiring.  In in this day and age of all - about - me endeavours... it's refreshing to read a book about loyal friendship, sharing with each other and most of all caring about each other.  I really enjoyed the book.

Storywraps rating...  4 Hugs!!!!

About the illustrator...

Much of her work has found its genesis in literature, theater, music, or the spiritual. While most of her work is figurative with an emphasis on the human face, her range of styles may be from representational to whimsical. Often she employs an uncluttered or almost austere background, permitting the viewer to be wholly engaged with the subject of the painting or print, concentrating on the intimacy of that encounter, the imperative of a glance or gesture.

Art is the language of her work: to delight in beauty and to share the human experience are aspects of that language.

Currently, Paula maintains a studio at the Hot Shops Art Center in Omaha, Nebraska. She exhibits in the United States and her work is held in private collections internationally.

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