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Waiting for Sophie - a bookwrap

Waiting for a new baby sister to arrive can be stressful, and oftentimes boring... babies take their jolly old time to arrive and when they do it's all about them... Oh my! Will Sophie ever get here?


"Waiting for Sophie"

Authored by Sarah Ellis
Illustrated by Carmen Mok

Ages 5-8
Grade Levels K-3
Available April 3, 2017

Unwrapping some fun illustrations to enjoy...

About the book...

Liam is getting very impatient.  He has been waiting forever for his baby sister to arrive.  Nana-Downstairs bursts into his room one morning with the much anticipated announcement:

"Big news.  Baby Sophie is on her way."

Liam cannot contain his glee.  He somersaults out of bed and exclaims:

"Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. I waited through half of kindergarten. I waited through my birthday."... "Waiting is the worst thing.  I want to jump on waiting and smash it to smithereens and flush it down the toilet."  

Nana-Downstairs and Liam decide to be bad that day while they wait for Sophie to be released from the hospital and finally make her way home.  They wear their pyjamas all day, they eat marshmallow sandwiches for lunch, they paint purple polkadots on the back of Liam's bedroom door, call each other insulting names, and stay up way too late watching movies..

"where the good guys and the bad guys didn't use their words. They just rode horses and beat each other up."

 Mom and Dad take a taxi home and introduce Sophie to her brand new family for the very first time.  Everyone is overjoyed.  Liam gets to gently and carefully hold her. In doing so he suddenly realizes how small and helpless she is and that it will be quite a while before she can actually play with him... oh nooooo another season of waiting for her.  Will it be worth the wait?  Will Sophie be all he expects her to be wrapped up in that precious little sister body?  

Liam learns valuable life lessons regarding patience and unconditional love, and yes dear reader, he learns beyond a shadow of a doubt that Sophie certainly is worth the wait... after all she is HIS cherished little sister.

About the author...

Sarah Ellis has written more than twenty novels and picture books for young readers. Nominated in 2016 for the 2017 Astrid Lindgren Award, she has previously won the Governor General’s Award, the Mr. Christie Book Award, the Sheila A. Egoff Children’s Book Prize, and the prestigious Vicky Metcalf Award for a body of work. Written from her insightful memories of her own childhood and keen observations of the world around her, Ellis’ stories masterfully reflect her readers’ own experiences. She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

About the illustrator...

Carmen Mok is an illustrator who received her formal training from the University of Waterloo and Sheridan College. Her previous book publications include Here Babies, There Babies, Look at Me Now, and Ride the Big Machines in Winter. Numerous magazines, including Today’s Parent and Owl Kids, have also published her work. Carmen lives in Niagara Region, Ontario.

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