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The Magic Nutcracker - a bookwrap


"The Magic Nutcracker"

Authored by Margaret Hillert
Illustrated by Jared Osterhold

A Beginning-to-Read-Book


Unwrapping the backstory for you...

This carefully written text features common sight words to provide children with multiple exposures to the words appearing most frequently in written text.  

How to use this book (and others in the series):

1. Read the story out loud together.
2. Let him/her read familiar words or the whole story if possible. 
3. Praise your child often for doing a wonderful job, hugs too please!!!
4. Discuss the pictures and encourage your child to make connections to his/her own life.
5. At the end of the story there are reading activities and a wordlist that will help your child practice and strengthen reading skills.
6. These activities, along with comprehensive questions will give you a good idea how to get the most value from these books and ignite their love of reading.

Unwrapping some vintage illustrations for you...

About the book...

This classic Christmas story is modified by the author for the beginning reader to enjoy.  A beautiful little girl is given a Nutcracker as a present and she lovingly sets him on a shelf along with her other favourite toys to keep him safe from harm.  During the night she hears a commotion and discovers her valiant Nutcracker is being attacked by a band of evil Mice.  She defends him with her slipper and magically he turns into a real live prince.  

He swoops her off in his flying sled and together they visit a wonderland where the Snow King and Queen, the Sugar Plum Fairy, and waltzing flowers reside.  They dance together, sample endless festive foods and have a joyous time. He escorts her safely back to her bed and bids her adieu but before she falls asleep she gathers up her coveted wooden Nutcracker-Prince and hugs him tightly to herself as she drifts off to sleep once again.

This timeless tale will certainly be a lovely Christmas read for your child.  The illustrations are vintage and wrap the words up in  fairytale hues.  The colour pallet is masterful.  I am positive that this book will be one that you will love to add to your Christmas stories collection.  

Storywraps rating:  5 hugs!!!!!

About the author...

Margaret Hillert has written over 80 books for children who are just learning to read. Her books have been translated into many languages and have helped children throughout the world learn to read. She first started writing poetry as a child and has continued to write for children and adults throughout her life. As a first grade teacher, Margaret realized that the books available for students just learning to read were beyond their comprehension. She then began to write her easy readers and poetry for children. Her first collection of poetry Father Than Far was published in 1969. 

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Read on and read always!

It's a wrap.

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