Thursday, January 5, 2017

Anton and Cecil: Cats Aloft - a bookwrap

In the thrilling final adventure of a highly praised series, cat brothers Anton and Cecil team up with a police dog to solve a mystery at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair


"Anton and Cecil :  Cats Aloft"

Authored by Lisa Martin and Valerie Martin
Illustrations by Kelly Murphy

Ages 8-12
Grades 3-7

About the book...

Anton and Cecil, two brother cats, are tired.  They decide to go home and rest up a bit before life calls them to begin a brand new adventure.  They hop the train and start heading east towards home.  Ahhhh will be nice to just lay around in the sun and relax.  But their destiny takes them in a completely different direction.  With a keen sense of urgency and their love to solve a mystery, they step into a brand-new chapter of their lives.  

While waiting to change trains in the city of Chicago another escapade taps them on the shoulders.  Oh my... they just wanted ( and needed) some leisure time, a good rest, but we know that buried deep inside each and every cat is an innate curiosity that literally consumes them and off they go........ 

The brothers meet up with a blood-hound who needs their expertise in solving a very puzzling mystery.  Puppies are vanishing right and left off of their leashes and both feline's help is desperately needed to solve the questions .... why and where are these puppies being taken?  

This final episode has them donning their detective hats once again and plunging them deep into the 1893 Chicago World's Fair to look for clues as to where those puppies have vanished.  The duo tirelessly case the fairgrounds engaging with exotic animals who might give them a clue,  riding the newly invented Ferris Wheel, and being forever vigilant combing through the crowds for that clue that will give the answers they so need.  The brothers weave in and out among the rides and exhibits watching... forever vigilant.

The book is full of quick action and intrigue as you try along with these two gum-paws to get those precious puppies back to their distraught owners.  Can they do it? 

A bonus is that the book is filled full of rich, true-to-life historical detail and the illustrations bring the words to life. This book is perfect for fans of classic animal tales such as "The Wind in the Willows" and Avi's "Poppy".  I highly recommend the whole series.  

Here are a peek at the other two books in the series...  

(both now available in paperback)

About the authors....

Valerie Martin is an American novelist and short story writer. Her novel PROPERTY won the prestigious Orange Prize. In 2012, The Observer named Property as one of "The 10 best historical novels”.

Orange Prize-winner Valerie Martin is the author of eight acclaimed adult novels, including Property and The Confessions of Edward Day. She lives in Millbrook, New York.

Lisa Martin has worked as an educator and children's poet and currently resides in Charlottesville, Virginia. Anton and Cecil: Cats at Sea is her first book for young readers, and the beginning of a trilogy cowritten with her aunt, the novelist Valerie Martin.

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