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Give Please A Chance - a bookwrap

"Believe it or not, once upon a time, James and I were both kids.  Life was much easier in those days because there were rules most Americans followed.  Holding the door for someone. A nod and a hello. Even just saying "please."  Most kids did those things back then, but now there is confusion in many places.  

James and I believe we can bring that civility and compassion back into the world.  Let's start today with our children, by encouraging them to always say that wonderful, magical word: please

                                                          - Bill O'Reilly


"Give Please A Chance" 

Created by Best Selling Authors Bill O'Reilly and James Patterson

Ages 3-6

Unwrapping some FABULOUS illustrations...

Every single illustration is truly fantastic and there are 23 of them.  They are strong, engaging and a perfect set-up for a child to say "please."  I have never seen such a stellar lineup of artwork .... ever.  It is such a joy to have them collected together in one book.  

About the book...

I may be old fashioned but there is nothing like being around kids ( and adults) that are polite and use their manners without being reminded.  It seems like it's becoming a lost art these days and no one seems to care to instil the importance of kind, caring words as much any more.  

Back in the day when I was a practising elementary school teacher I would get kids in my classroom in September who were never taught how to say , " Good morning Mrs., excuse me, may I?, please and thank you."  These were not words in their vocabulary, words that express kindness and consideration to their fellow classmates or even to the adults in the building.  I am not blaming the kids because those words and ideas are taught in their homes and they should bring them along with them to school and other places they go away from home.  I worked on manners in my classroom from the beginning of the school year until the very end of June.  My students would leave knowing how important and full of respect those words were to all those around them.

I highly endorse "Give Please a Chance" and I would suggest that every teacher read it very early on in September to their class and then move forward every day afterwards to put those words into action.  Words are empty if not acted upon.   Daily practice of those magical words can bring calm, peace and happiness to our world.  

Good for Bill O'Reilly and James Patterson for writing such a timely and needed  book. The illustrations are truly magnificent each one a masterpiece in itself. There are 23 brilliant pieces of artwork with different artists contributing their talented work.  What a joy to have that many collected in one book.  

The message is timeless and kids will love each scenario played out and wrapped up with the magical word....'please'.  This would be a perfect gift to give to a new mom, on someone's birthday, at Christmas or any other special occasion that may arise in your family.   Talking about when, why and the importance of that six letter word...  is very pleasing indeed.  Highly recommended.

Storywraps rating:  5 HUGS +++++ and beyond.....

About the authors...

Bill O'Reilly currently serves as the anchor of FOX News Channel's The O'Reilly Factor, the most watched cable news show for the past 14 years. His books for children include the Last Days biographies, The O'Reilly Factor for Kids, and Kids are Americans Too.

James Patterson received the Literarian Award for Outstanding Service to the American Literary Community at the 2015 National Book Awards. A tireless champion of the power of books and reading, he has created a new children's book imprint, JIMMY Patterson, whose mission is simple: "We want every kid who finishes a JIMMY Book to say, 'PLEASE GIVE ME ANOTHER BOOK.'" 

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