Monday, January 2, 2017

Squirrel's New Year's Resolution

If you haven't already... you probably will before this day is complete.  What's that you ask?  Why make your NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTON (S) ... everybody does at this time of the year.  What will your New Year's resolutions be for 2017?  That's what today's book is all about...  Read, enjoy, and be inspired! 


Authored by Pat Miller
Illustrated by Kathi Ember

Ages 5-8
Grade Levels I-3

Fine illustrations to ogle...

About the book...

This wonderful story is a perfect catalyst to get kid's (and adults) thinking about what they would want to do differently in the new year that is before them.  

Squirrel pins up her brand new 2017 calendar and the voice on the radio says, "It's January first." " A great day to make a resolution."  What the heck is a resolution she asks herself?  She's never ever heard of one before.   

Squirrel decides to make this brand new day, of this brand new month, and this brand new year a visiting day to her many woodland friends.  The word resolution keeps echoing in her brain, poking at her, so she begins to ask her friends what a resolution is and if they have made one.  To her wonderment Bear, Skunk, Mole and Turtle know its meaning and have their very own personal resolutions all figured out.  Poor Squirrel she feels disappointed with herself and confused because she can't think of one resolution that she'd like to make.  

Luckily her friends come to her rescue with lots of suggestions and validations of what she does to be a very good friend.  They tell her how funny and helpful she is to each one of them and how she always thinks of others first before herself. After some quiet reflection Squirrel knows exactly what her New Year's Resolution will be.   What do you think it is?  Any ideas?  Have you made yours yet? Better get puzzling and then get started on it right away. Happy New Year everyone!

About the author...

Pat Miller is a writer, teacher, and school librarian. She is the author of more than twenty children's and professional books.
Pat Miller is a writer, teacher, and school librarian. She is the author of more than twenty children's and professional books. Her first book with Albert Whitman, Substitute Groundhog, was a Junior Library Guild Selection. She lives in Texas with her husband and three children.

In her own words….

My mission is to make children's books more accessible, whether you read them or write them. 

I visit schools as an author, explaining the writing process and how children can be better writers. I present to adult writers as well. As a professional storyteller, I share the power of story--even when it isn't written down. 

I'm crazy about children's nonfiction. Incredible books have been published in the last five years and I love to share them. I also like to write them and help others write nonfiction, too.

About the illustrator...

Kathi Ember is the illustrator of many books for children. She lives in an old stone farmhouse in Pennsylvania with her husband, three sheep, and four cats.

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