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the Blue Satin Nightgown - an adult bookwrap

Unwrapping some "DREAM" quotes...


"the Blue Satin Nightgown"
My French Makeover
at Age 78!

Authored by Karin Crilly 

About the book...

Karin is not just an inspiration to those in their seventies or those who have lost a life partner, she is an inspiration to all of us, who have ever thought about doing something a little adventurous or extraordinary.

In her own words:

"When my husband died from complications of Parkinson's disease, I wondered if I could still be extraordinary. I had expended so much energy being his caregiver for eighteen years, the last five years of which demanded my entire being. After grieving for several years,  I retired from thirty years of counselling. I needed to reinvent my life. I believed what I have always known: that the true self is presented with ideas that it is capable of fulfilling.

When I received the call at age seventy-eight, I remembered my clients and my advice to them. And I said YES!"

The Blue Satin Nightgown is a delightful, interesting memoir of Karin's two years living in the small town of Aix-en-Provence, France. She shares both the trials and delights of her attempt to integrate into French culture.  She finds living accommodations, discovers the bliss of market shopping, learns French cuisine (bon app├ętit), and shares some new and favourite recipes throughout the book.

She attracts men without trying with her friendly and outgoing personality. She is open to a different way of life and is eager to experience all the new culture has to offer, never using her age as a stumbling block or barrier to hold her back.  She is so enthralled by her adventure that she stays not one year in France, as she first planned, but extends her stay to two years.

 Karin's writing is full of self-reflection and positive things she  learns from her experience living abroad in a foreign country.  She brings a natural and gracious wisdom to the pages and her goal is to encourage and inspire others to live out their dream also. She discovers firsthand knowledge and a great sense of satisfaction knowing that she followed her heart's desire and out of that reality is empowered to write this wonderful inspiring book telling others it's never too late to fulfill your dreams.  I  highly recommend this book.  I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish.  

About the author...

Karin Crilly, MFC, was a Marriage and Family Counselor for thirty years in Southern California. After two adventurous years of living in Aix en Provence, France, she returned to California and now lives in Laguna Beach. Her passion is to inspire others to live out their dreams.

Karin Crilly, Marriage, Family Counselor, retired after practicing thirty years in Southern California. Traveling and inspiring others to live their dream is her passion. She currently lives in Laguna Beach, California after having two adventurous years living in Aix en Provence, France.

The first chapter of The Blue Satin Nightgown, Scattered Dreams, won the Good Life France writers contest in 2014. The five judges stated that out of 105 entries, hers moved them to tears.

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