Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Two Fat Cows - a bookwrap


"Two Fat Cows"

Authored by Nigel Tetley
Illustrated by Simon Goodway

Ages 3+

Fun pictures to make you chuckle...

About the book...

What a delightful book.  Written in rhyme this fun story tells the tale of two very overweight cows who are BFFs and whose only goal in life is to eat, eat, eat.  "One more blade to go please". 

Marigold and Petal have literally eaten their way out of house and home.  They look down and only a few pathetic blades of grass remain at their hooves. They think that they just might starve to death. Oh nooooo!  Can't let that happen.

They look across the fence and a huge, luscious field of green grass awaits ... as far as their cow-eyes can see.  It is a diner's delight, a feast made in heaven.  Their tastebuds kick into action and the two devise a plan to escape to other side of the gate where the whole wide world is theirs to eat.  

Marigold kick-starts the plan into action by encouraging Petal to kick down the gate.  That will be easy-peasy right? Oh oh... it doesn't open.  Marigold then has another brilliant idea but will that  do the trick? These two rotund little heifers are determined to exit.   You will laugh out loud at what happens next... guaranteed.  

This book is full of humour and just plain fun all-round. The illustrations are expressive and action-packed.  When they are married to the text the result is a brilliant story that will have kids (and adults) chuckling at the antics within the covers. 

Friendship comes in many shapes and sizes and these two little dumplings plan to expand their waistlines in life together... one blade at a time.  I loved it!  Highly recommended.  

Storywraps rating...  5+++ HUGS!!!!! 

About the author...

Since qualifying as a Religious Studies teacher in 1989, Nigel Tetley has worked in a variety of schools, spanning middle and secondary age groups in both the State and independent sectors. At the beginning of his teaching career, he also spent a year in Greece teaching English as a second language. In 2001, he started writing children's poetry at the suggestion of a colleague. Since then he has also written the texts for three carols: 'Alchemy,' 'Snow,' and 'The Way of Paradox.' (Encore Publications, 2006.)

About the illustrator...

Simon Goodway was born blue owing to a congenital spine defect. A clever doctor sorted him out and he was soon pink and walking about like a normal person.

Some years later he got a degree in artificial intelligence and worked for a bit in software, before he got bored of that and became a freelance illustrator. There was also an incident involving fish and a vacuum cleaner, but we won't go into that.

Throughout all of this he was writing, writing, writing, and finally out popped his novel Killing Elizabeth. Other things followed.

He lives in Brighton with a stupid cat called Henry and a fiancée called Jess.

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