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"A Bedtime Yarn!" - a bookwrap

This heartwarming tale will touch your heart because it exposes the incredible bond of love between a Mother Bear and her adorable little cub... oh yes... it's a perfect story to share this Mother's Day! 


"A Bedtime Yarn"

Authored by Nicola Winstanley
Illustrated by Olivia Chin Mueller

Ages: 3-7
Grade Level: PS-2

Some amazing illustrations for you

About the book

This book is cuteness overload and not in a cheesy way at all.  You can sense the spirit of love in every page as it pours from a concerned mother bear's heart into her little cub when it's his bedtime.

Frankie does not like to go to sleep.  When darkness descends and he's put into his bed that is when his fears come out to play and taunt him.  He becomes scared and fights sleep every inch of the way. His wonderful Mother finds the perfect solution to ease his anxiety.  She  simply hands him a ball of yarn to hold.  She then disappears into the next room and begins knitting away by the fire and with the cat on her lap.  Click... Click... go her knitting needles.  Frankie lays very still and concentrates on her clacking needles and his diminishing ball of yarn that he grasps tightly between his paws.  

This ritual continues night after night and as the current ball of yarn disappears his Mother hands him a brand new coloured one.  Frankie focuses on the colours which triggers his imagination to conjure up adventures of swimming in turquoise waters, being wrapped in a grey fog, playing with a marmalade kitten and gorging on delicious chocolate cake, just to name a few.  He finds the colours truly inspiring and therapeutic causing his fears to lessen each night.

Whatever could his mother be creating behind his bedroom walls he wonders?  Finally Frankie admits to her that he is big enough to sleep on his own which signals his mother to hand him one last ball of yarn.  Will he ever find out what his sweet Mother has been crafting so diligently?  Will her colourful surprise make him happy and give him proof of how much he is loved when she presents it to him?  Can you guess what it might be? 

This simple but very  powerful story is a testament that love conquers all.  It is a beautiful story that will appeal to those who knit and be perfect to share with your little one if she/he is experiencing fear of the dark at bedtime too.   I highly recommend this book. 

Storywraps rating.... 5 HUGS!!!!!

About the author/ illustrator

NICOLA WINSTANLEY has always believed in the power of stories to bring comfort. She is the author of The Pirate's Bed and Cinnamon Baby, which won an honor prize for the Ezra Jack Keats New Writer Award and was shortlisted for the Marilyn Baillie Picture Book Award. Nicola lives in Hamilton, Ontario.

OLIVIA CHIN MUELLER graduated with a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. Besides illustrating, Olivia loves playing with her cats, raising silk moths and collecting anything cute! A Bedtime Yarn is her first picture book. Olivia grew up in the small town of Chester Connecticut, and now lives in Los Angeles, California.

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