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"A Cup of Tea?" - a bookwrap

"Amen to that!!!"


"A Cup of Tea?"

Authored by Eric LaBranche
Illustrated by Margaret Anne Suggs
Ages 4+

Wonderful illustrations for you to enjoy...

About the book...

 I am sure that every tired mom and dad on the planet can attest to the message in this charming tale.  The illustrations are amazing and packed with detail, action and emotion.  Tea-stained pages tell the story perfectly. The storyline is simple but powerful and the book is written in rhyme.  What could be better?  

Mommy staggers home from being overworked and focuses on relaxing and sipping a lovely, soothing cup of tea to calm herself after a nerve-racking day.  Her little boy who has been waiting patiently for her to come through the door wants her to engage in a bug hunt with him but it seems that just might be a pipe dream at the moment.  Maybe, he reckons,  if she rests up a spell she will get a second wind and then come play with him.  Wishful thinking...mmmmmm? 

The doorbell rings and his Aunt Margaret appears.  With her entrance his hope of exclusively having his mommy exits. Auntie finally leaves and the little boy changes his strategy as how to engage mommy.  Maybe instead of the vigorous bug hunt he had planned, he and she could sit quietly and draw a dinosaur together. Yes, that might be more relaxing for her.  Just as he is gathering up the needed art supplies he hears a "hello" amid the "good-byes."  Oh my goodness!  Who could that possibly be NOW to foil his plans?

This heartwarming story is told through the eyes of a small child. He cleverly figures out a way to get both his parents involved in spending some quality time with him.  What could his plan be?  Will he finally be successful in orchestrating some family time together?  I love the ending... it fits the story to a "t"! 

I loved the way the theme of " a cup of tea" was woven throughout the book and how the little boy himself becomes one.  Very lovely book, it is word play at its best.  I highly recommend it. 

Storywraps rating - 5+HUGS!!!!!

About the author...

Eric has been writing poetry and short stories nearly all his life. He has transformed many of his writings into his favourite genre, children s picture books. Eric tells stories that awaken positive thoughts and ideas for readers of all ages. He especially enjoys writing stories that entertain as well as inspire fresh points of view, with a particular eye towards the lovely innocent way that children view the world. Eric was born and raised in the United States (Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island). His childhood experiences and the collective imagination of seven brothers and sisters helped him to dream up many of his early writings. He continues to discover new stories to tell while now living in the west of Ireland with his wife Helen and their two children, Claire and Eoin.

About the illustrator...

Margaret Anne loves to draw! Her specialty is children’s picture books. For a while she did product illustration for a clock company … but that’s a story for another time. Now her detailed drawings are peppered with charismatic cats and ladybirds that bring stories to life. Margaret Anne was born and raised in the American deep South, but later moved to Dublin, Ireland to complete her Master’s Degree at the National College of Art and Design. Currently, Margaret Anne is the Promotions Officer for Illustrators Ireland, a dynamic group of professional illustrators. When she is not drawing, painting and making things, she teaches others to as a lecturer in the Illustration department at Ballyfermot College of Further Education. Margaret Anne lives in County Dublin, near the sea with her dashing husband, two amazing sons and a whiny cat. She is never too busy to eat chocolate.

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