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"But I Wanted a Little Sister" - a bookwrap


"But I Wanted a Little Sister"

Created by Pauline Oud
Ages 4+
Grade Level : PS and up

Unwrapping some fabulous illustrations for you....

Editorial Reviews for you....

"Cute story! Would make a perfect gift for a big sister of a baby brother!”―Catherine Hankins, Cleveland Public Library

"Pauline Oud does a great job of showing that often our desires must be replaced with acceptance of what really is. If we look hard enough we can always find the silver lining.”―Melissa Larabee, educator

"An excellent and interesting book about appreciating your siblings.” ― Rogene Carter, educator

"Adorable and fun! The perfect book for a (temporarily-disappointed) older (pre-K-ish) sibling.”―Tara Hutson, Bibliofiler

About the book...

I loved this book.  Sophie gets a new sibling.  She is so hoping for a new baby sister but her parents bring home ... a baby boy!  She is not amused.  Who wants a silly old brother?  She had ask for, yearned for and expected a baby girl to play with.  

She works with what she has and tries to morph him into a Pretend-Sister.  How does she do that you ask?  Well, clever little Sophie makes pigtails in her baby brother's hair and dresses him up in her doll's pink clothing.  He doesn't seem to mind and he's all giggles and happiness.  They play with her dolls, make necklaces out of beads and golden earrings out of paper.  

Then mom decides to give her son his first haircut and she cuts it really short.  Bye-bye pigtails.  Oh my!!! Sophie notices that the wee guy is not so wee any more and cannot squeeze into her doll's clothing so they have to be retired.  She is really not happy now and gets the brilliant idea to return her brother and trade him in for a new girl model.  She discovers after many tries at the trades with other kids who have baby siblings that perhaps her baby brother is not so bad after all compared to the babies they are stuck with.   

So Sophie returns both herself and her now beloved sibling to their home with her heart in full acceptance mode.  She learns a very important life lesson, that she has been blessed with the best little brother any big sister could have.  Baby boys rock!!!

Storywraps rating... 5 HUGS!!!!!

About the author...

Pauline Oud (1963, the Netherlands) has been working as an illustrator for over 15 years now. After her graduation from art school in 1985 she worked as an artist and art teacher for a while before applying her knowledge to her first love: children’s books. Before she starts working, she likes to start her days with an hour running to clear her head and think about her drawings. She likes to collect children’s books, because they give her so much inspiration. When she is out of inspiration, she also likes to visit the Museum of medieval Art to stare at the books her colleagues illustrated around 700 years ago. She currently lives in Utrecht (the Netherlands) with her husband and her two children Roos and Walt.

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