Thursday, May 4, 2017

Electricity in Your Life -a bookwrap

Plugging a book on ELECTRCITY today for you to enjoy! 


Authored by Bo-hyun Set
Illustrated by Sung-hwa Kwak

Ages Range:  5-7
Grade Level: K-2

Shedding some light on some illustrations for you to peek at...

Unplugging the book...

This simple informative book teaches a little girl how much we  rely on electricity in our every day lives.  She looks around her home and sees electricity in action. 

She knows that she needs energy (food) to get through her day as she colours, plays, takes a bath and reads a book, just to cite a few, but then discovers that all the electronic devices she sees in her home needs energy (electricity) to power them too.

She begins to wonder where electricity is made and where its source is.  Her parents take her on a journey to a local hydro power plant to show her that wires are tapped into its powerful waterfalls and these wires bring that harnessed energy right back to their home.  The whole city has access to the electricity produced from the plant:  the hospitals, factories, subways and malls etc.... all have hidden wires in their walls or underground to keep them up and running.  

The little girl, once back from her trip, finds herself in a power blackout.  The lights go off and all things plugged into circuits around her home stop because the electricity has failed.  She learns a very valuable lesson through this.  She learns about power conservation and how important electricity is to keep us in the light, help us with our recreational whims and get our homework done.  Everyone is overjoyed when the electricity finally comes back on and they realize how much they appreciate having it in their lives.  I like at the end of the book when a battery appears and is credited with being portable electricity something we seldom think about or even know. Batteries are a very familiar part of a child's life.   

The illustrations are wonderful and explain visually all about  electricity.  I think the text is perfect for that age group to understand.  I highly recommend this book.  

Storywraps rating...  5 HUGS!!!!

About the author/illustrator...

Bo-hyun Seo received a Master’s in Child Studies at Yonsei University. She has written The Anchovy’s Dream, Why Do We Bleed When We Fall Down?, Mr. Parkrooge’s Christmas, I Am The Longest, and many others. 

Sung-hwa Kwak studied visual design in college and completed the Illustration program at Hangook Illustration School. Her work includes Korean, A Bowl that Contains Our Language, Don’t Tell Anyone, The Boy With Flags of All Nations and many others 

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