Thursday, July 27, 2017

My Abby Rose - a doggiewrap

Today my baby Maltese, Abby Rose, had to go in for surgery.  I took her very early this morning to the vet and she is getting a "pet dental" done.  As I post now she is under anesthetic and getting some teeth extracted.  My poor baby will be in pain when I bring her home with me later today. She needed this procedure to keep her healthy and strong.  

Here are some photos of her.  This little ray of sunshine has been the catalyst that makes my heart smile day after day and brings me  so much joy I can hardly contain it.  I love this little fur ball to the moon and back.  She's like a piece of fine jewelry always stuck to me and her inward glow makes her shine brightly. 

I constantly capture her in sleeping mode because she never stops moving.  She is a bundle of joy and happiness and thinks she's invincible.  She jumps and prances and loves life to the max.  

She has a whole basket full of stuffed "babies" that she carries around, takes them outside with her and even took one to the vet the morning - her blankie. Whenever anyone comes into the house she runs to her basket and chooses a "gift" to give the visitor.  She proudly trots over to them with her chosen stuffed toy and shows them their prize.  She would have been a wonderful mom but you know me...  I would have looked at her little puff-ball, marshmallow babies, fallen in love with each and every one and kept them all for myself.  

She is only five years old so the teeth extraction was a total surprise to me.  She will have it completed later today and then be healthier and even more "springy and alive" because of it (if that is possible, and I am sure it is).  I marvel at times how one small, adorable, loveable kissing machine can wiggle into your heart and change it forever.  Abby Rose I am praying that all will be well and together we can dance our way through life for many years to come.  I love you babe... you are my heart. You are magic! 

A book suggestion about Maltese dogs: 

Magnificent Maltese (Dogs Picture Book - Precious Pooches) (Volume 5)

"Check out this splendid collection of some of the most precious Maltese terriers we could find. It's no wonder these lovable creatures are so popular with dog lovers. Gentle and yet fearless, sprightly and vigorous, and they greet everyone as a friend. They make great companions because they love to be with people. Magnificent Maltese captures these darling little animals at their most adorable.
This is book 5 in the Precious Pooches book series, and contains 40 full page color photographs."  
-  by Ironpower Publishing (Author)

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