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"When a Wolf is Hungry" - a bookwrap

" A darkly humorous tale with a twist ending."


"When a Wolf is Hungry"

Authored by Christine Naumann-Villemin
Illustrated by Kris Di Giacomo

Ages: 4-8 
Grade Level: PS-2

Unwrapping some wonderful illustrations for you to enjoy

About the book

It's Sunday morning and Edmond Bigsnout, a lone wolf living in a remote cabin in the woods, has an urgent craving for an urban rabbit.  His tummy is calling for a "grain-fed, silky-rabbit"... mmm... mmmmmm mighty tasty indeed! 

He grabs a long knife (that should do the job nicely he thinks), and he hops on his bike to fulfill his desire. He pedals into the local town and parks at an apartment building.  As luck has it there is a rabbit resident there named Max Omatose, miniature rabbit.  Oh it's going to be a great day!!! Bingo!!! Rabbit à la carte it shall be.

Edmond proceeds to the 5th floor where Max resides to carry out his dastardly deed.  On the way a resident mistakes him for a kind neighbour and asks to borrow his knife. Edmond may have treachery in his head but he has politeness in his heart.  Willingly he hands the knife over and back he goes home to retrieve a chainsaw...  "sliced rabbit is delicious, too!) he mumbles to himself.  The pattern is repeated with a rope, a big oversized pot, and his bbq.  Edmond just cannot say no to lending out his belongings and gaining the borrowers favour.  

The story has a happily ever-after ending for both Edmond and for Max thank goodness.  Each find happiness and longevity as they live out life together as friends in the same apartment building.  The book's message promotes gentility, friendship, acceptance, vegetarianism, and of course a sprinkling of romance.  I really loved it and I am sure your kids will too.  Once you share it kids will be hungry for re-reads again and again.  Bon appétit mes enfants!

Storywraps rating - 5++HUGS!!!!!

About the author

Christine Naumann-Villemin began her career as a speech therapist, inventing stories for her young patients. Today, Christine is a professor and librarian living in France. She tests her story ideas on her three children, cat, and hamster.

About the illustrator

Kris Di Giacomo is an American who has lived in Paris since childhood. She has illustrated over 25 picture books. A fluent French and English speaker, Di Giacomo considers pictures her third language and her most universal means of communication. The language gap is a theme Di Giacomo explores with Michaël Escoffier in Take Away The A. Kris divides her time between working on new books and meeting her readers at schools and book fairs throughout France.

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