Tuesday, August 1, 2017

"I Give You My Heart" - a bookwrap


"I Give You My Heart"

Authored by Pimm van Hest
Illustrated by Sassafras De Bruyn

Ages 6+
Grade Level 1+

Unwrapping some beautiful illustrations for you

About the book

Young Yuto, is always in tune with the world around him.  

"The sunlight tickled his eyelashes.
Yuto smiled but kept his eyes closed for just a while longer.
He opened his ears.
He listened." 

On his way to school he notices a little shop he has never seen before and a being curious boy he decides to enter in.  What he discovers inside changes his life forever.  He is given a gift by a small old man, a simple box, that when opened offers him many life lessons.  It provides Yuto with comfort, warmth and shelter all throughout his life.  It is very special and destined to be passed on from generation to generation. 

The illustrations are simply gorgeous and include laser cutouts that are stunning.  This poetic fairytale will touch the hearts of all who read it.  I highly recommend it. 

Storywraps Rating -  5 ++ HUGS!!!!!

About the author

Pimm van Hest (1975) was born in Veldhoven, the Netherlands. After having worked as a teacher for one year he started his studies "psychology" when he met his present partner. Soon it became clear they wanted to adopt a child. In 2007 their daughter Moira came into their lives. Moira's arrival was the inspiration for his first book.

About the illustrator

Ever since she was a little girl, Sassafras De Bruyn (1990, Belgium) knew she wanted to spend her life drawing. After high school that passion for drawing led her to Sint Lucas School of Arts in Antwerp. In 2013, she graduated as an illustrative designer and started working as an illustrator and graphic designer at the children's and youth theatre Kopergietery in Ghent. In addition, she illustrates different project and creates her own work. In 2015, her first picture book Cleo was published at Clavis Publishing; it was a dream come true. It got the ball rolling and now making books is part of her daily routine. Sassafras lives in Ghent and loves endless stories to hide away in, with warm colors and unlikely heroes. She has a weakness for old pictures, cats, tea, science fiction and Pippi Longstocking. sassafrasdebruyn.tumblr.com

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