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Twinkle - Just Dance : a music wrap




"Just Dance"

Date release: 6 October, 2017 
Ages: 4-10

Available at iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, CDBaby, on Twinkle's website


"In terms of an all-out kindie pop extravaganza - EDM, hip-hop, pop all rolled into one - it's on an entirely different level than most independently produced kids' music." - Zooglobble

"If we were teleported inside a disco snow globe, it wouldn't be as much of a rush as what's happening in this video.  'Kidz Rock' is like whirling, swirling, EDM, pop, hip-hop, confetti explosion!" -Kids Can Groove

About the artist

Twinkle brings you her colorful, high energy pop concert fusing education, language, arts and pop culture into the hottest kid’s phenomenon to hit the Kid Space scene.

Launched by a childhood saturated with the sound and fury of Top 40 artists like Madonna, Lady Gaga, Gloria Estefan, Michael Jackson, Prince, Selena, Cher, and Shania Twain, Twinkle has forever experienced a gravitational pull in the direction of performers who create the "whole package," from their infectious melodies and distinctive vocal qualities to their show-stopping presentations and trademark looks.

With her own award-winning albums, raise-the-roof concerts, and one-of-a-kind costuming and make-up, Twinkle follows suit, dazzling kids and families nationwide.

Album highlights include the original version of Twinkle's 2015 kindie hit, "Kidz Rock," featuring the incomparable Mista Cookie Jar, whose spectacular warm-up act is the song's very own, hands-down-ultimate remix produced by Grammy and Emmy award-winner Matthew Gerrard (Kelly Clarkson, Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Big Time Rush, High School Musical) and renowned music programmer/producer Peter Amato (NBC's The Voice, LeAnn Rimes, Ricky Martin). Gerrard and Amato transformed the original song into what Twinkle has christened, "a certified EDM monster track for kids!"

The nine original songs on Just Dance riff on positive themes ranging from dancing through life and living in the moment to making math-time fun-time, sailing through the solar system, and Twinkle's personal affirmation that good manners rock. 

Previous albums by Twinkle include Made In The U.S.A. (2012), which was honored with two Global Music Awards (Best Children's Album and Best Children's Song), and Twinkle Time (2009).

In her own words

"My concerts have everything that parents and teens would see watching Gaga or Bruno, but with age-appropriate  messages and lyrics.  Just as mainstream music is accepting of different categories - pop, R&B, hip hop, country, dance, jazz, etc. it's my hope that all genres would be accepted by the kind world, too.  Why not introduce kids to all styles of music?" 

“I want to be like Oprah for the children's market! I realized that kids and parents were listening to the same kid songs that I grew up with. I wanted to hear new sounds, you know, change up the vibe of the kids market,” Twinkle says.

Twinkle met her husband, co-songwriter, and producer James Dallas when they were both under contract to Hollywood Records. (He was the head songwriter/producer of the boy band, Youngtown.) Twinkle says with a smile, "We were the the original Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez."

"Just Dance" Track List

(Running Time: 31 minutes)

*Just Dance

*Better Than You Know


*Solar System


*Life is Beautiful 

*We Got Good Manners Too

*Kidz Rock featuring Mista Cookie Jar (remix)

Kidz Rock featuring Mista Cookie Jar (original version)

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