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"Daytime Nighttime - a bookwrap

All through the day and night animals are scurrying around living their busy lives.  To-day's featured book shines a spotlight on many of those animals and I know kids will love to find out what they are busy doing.  Enjoy! 


"Daytime Nightime" 
All Through the Year

Authored by Diana Lang
Illustrated by Andrea Gabriel

Ages 4-8
Grade Level - PS

Unwrapping some amazing illustrations 
(in random order) 

About the book

This wonderful rhyming book shares the lives of a variety of animals as they go about their lives both in the daylight hours and at nighttime all throughout the year.  The talented author shines a spotlight on porcupines, spiders, deer, frogs, bees, slugs, geese, raccoons, and beavers just to cite a few.

"Porcupine moves through
The trees after dark,
Slowly but steadily
Chewing on bark."

" "We see in the morning
A delicate line
Is spun by a spider
In silken design."

The contrasting movements, habitats and habits of a variety of creatures are documented for the reader to absorb.

Mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects and birds are included to peak the interest of nature lovers.  The author adds a matching game at the end of the book to invoke comprehension skills of what has been read.  She includes more detailed information if older kids ( parents and teachers too) wish to pursue more in-depth information on their favourite animals.

The illustrations are truly beautiful, full of detail and animation.  They visually enhance the night/day concept of animals living out their lives as they seek food and shelter to house their growing  families and to survive daily themselves.

"Daytime Nighttime"  is written and illustrated by nature lovers themselves and their passion and awe of the creatures are certainly evident.  I highly recommend this book and suggest it be added to a classroom setting and a school library.  

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS !!!!!

About the author

An effervescent speaker and impassioned naturalist, Diane Lang began working as a docent at the Lindsay Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek, California in 2001. Over the next decade, she presented public programs about the various wild animals that reside at the museum, led class tours, visited schools, and worked directly with the museum’s non-releasable hawks, owls, falcons, and yes, vultures. Before long Diane was also docenting at Sulphur Creek Nature Center in Hayward and at Eaton Canyon Nature Center back in her hometown of Pasadena where she helped to create innovative nature-focused curricula for student groups.

She’d already served as a reader in the public schools via the Pleasanton Public Library and had read countless books to her son Peter. And before that, she’d honed her writing skills in the publications department at the California Institute of Technology. She holds a B.A. from Cal State Los Angeles.

Diane has written verses for fun all her life, but she started spending more time at it just a few years ago, when she wondered if putting some of the animal information into rhyme would help children remember it. During some programs, she would say to the children that even though we don’t send birthday cards or valentines to spiders and insects, we probably should, because they are some of our best friends! As she wondered what such valentines might sound like, she started having fun with the idea, and Vulture Verses: Love Poems for the Unloved was born. 

After sharing her fascination with the natural world and its more exotic animals with children at these three nature centers, Diane goes home to her husband, the acclaimed origami artist and physicist Robert Lang, and her menagerie (which includes the tarantula she travels with), and writes poems about her favorite critters. 

About the illustrator

Andrea Gabriel is an author and illustrator, largely focused on natural history subjects for the very young. She is currently working on her first adult novel and chomping at the bit to start a YA novel as well. She lives in Bellingham, Washington with her family of two and four-legged creatures.

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