Saturday, September 9, 2017

"Magnetic Poetry" - a funwrap today

Who is responsible for this work of genius? 

 Introducing ...... Dave Kapell  

Back in 1993, the Minneapolis native was an aspiring musician who liked to cut up his diaries and rearrange the words to create song lyrics. But he was prone to allergies and, with the pollen count soaring one day, he sneezed and scattered an almost-finished song. An idea was born: Why not stick magnets on the bits of paper and affix them to a cookie sheet to keep them in place?

The contraption stayed in Mr. Kapell's room for a few months until he threw a house party and needed the cookie sheet for baking. The word magnets went up on the refrigerator—and throughout the night, Mr. Kapell's friends kept stealing back to the kitchen to scramble the lyrics. The next day, he got a half-dozen orders for the magnet kits.
"Within a month of the party, it was like I was selling drugs out of my house," says Mr. Kapell, who is 48. "It went viral before viral was a term."

Soon he was making more from his Magnetic Poetry kits than from his $8-an-hour job in data entry, which he promptly quit.
Friends in retail said he might not have a lot of time to exploit his big opportunity. So, he pored over books on start-ups and worked 90-hour weeks to build the brand. By 1995, Mr. Kapell and a partner had set up a company, U.S. Magnetix, to produce custom magnets in China. To get prime placement for his kits, he prowled gift-shop conferences and craft fairs, where he found himself treated like the rock god he once dreamed of becoming.
"I knew that I had hit an atypical home run," he says. "At trade shows, everyone would say, 'Everyone wants to be you.' "

From these beginnings, Magnetic Poetry® has now sold over three million word kits, over one billion word tiles--growing from the Original Kit to a kid's line of kits, to foreign language kits, to Voice/theme kits. 

Unwrapping some kits for you and there are many, many more to choose from... trust me... wow!!!

 Just Google "Magnetic Poetry" with a cup of coffee or tea in hand because you are going to be hooked for a while browsing your  copious options.  Here are just a few to peak your interest.

The themed kits are interactive and can be used solo or with friends and family.  The kits are comprised of magnetic words that you can "write" with on the fridge, or any metal surface.  The possibilities are endless and instantly you become a poet with a poetic license to create anything you want.  You can compose poems, jokes, lists, memos, or plain old texts just to suggest a few.  Each kit sports its own theme, so trust me, there is a style for every person and home.  

Magnetic Poetry is a celebration of the written word and so fun to hang out with.  It is a perfect gift to give to either a child or an adult.  I have many myself and use my fridge upstairs to play on. I hung a metal tray in my office and anyone that comes to visit me can arrange the words in the order that they choose and leave their poetic signature for me to enjoy once they have departed.  I know you will love magnetic poetry as much as I do.  It's wordplay at its best!

Storywraps Rating ...  5 +++ HUGS!!!

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