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"Feeling Worried?" - a bookwrap

Young children face many strong feelings, some of which can be difficult to handle. This series uses humor and compassion to show children how to help others—and themselves—feel better when dealing with challenging emotions. Lively art illustrates the stories with charm and energy. At the end of each book, a special section for adults presents ideas for helping children deal with feelings in healthy ways, as well as a list of recommended books for further reading. Also available is a free downloadable leader’s guide for the series with additional information, discussion questions, and activities.

Unwrapping the series for you and choosing one to feature today...

Unwrapping today's book

Authored by Kay Barnham
Illustrated by Mike Gordon

Ages 5-9
Grade Level: Grade 2

Illustrations for you to enjoy

About the book

Ava is a wonderful confidant who senses when those around her are worried.  She does her best to either help them herself, as she did for her smaller brother, Noah,  who is very worried about not being able to complete his homework because he preconconceives it too hard, or with a friend at school whose parents are going through a divorce and needs to talk to them about her feelings concerning her uncertain future.  

Ava then experiences worry first-hand when she has to face an up-coming dentist appointment that is looming the next day.  Will she be able to cope with those fears and put into practice what she has been mentoring others to do?  

The lovely and expressive illustrations focus on the the feelings associated with "worry". The book helps young children understand and deal with their anxieties.  Worry is a very strong, real emotion that can be overcome by discussing it and seeking help from others when it overtakes you.  The child characters in the book are presented in different scenarios that are relatable to kids reading the book thus making it easier to open up and discuss fears and apprehensions they may be experiencing with a parent, teacher or caregiver.  The book is perfect for a home or a classroom setting.  I highly recommend this book and encourage you to check out the complete series.  

Storywraps rating...  5 HUGS!!!!!

About the author/illustrator 

Kay Barnham began working in children’s publishing in 1992 as a nonfiction editor. Then she got the chance to write her own books, which she thinks is the best job ever. Altogether, she’s written about a hundred books. She is married with a daughter and lives in England.

Mike Gordon is a popular and award-winning cartoonist. He has produced over 500 cards for Hallmark and over 300 picture books. He lives in Santa Barbara, California.

Mike Gordon is a popular and award-winning cartoonist. He has produced over 500 cards for Hallmark and over 300 picture books. He lives in Santa Barbara, California.

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