Saturday, September 30, 2017

"Open the Suitcase" - a bookwrap


Created by Ruth Wielockx
Ages 3+

Some sweet illustrations for you to peek at

About the book

This delightful interactive book will have young kids asking to turn the page from the get-go.  Adorable cartoon characters Horse,  Rabbit, Dog, Cow, Piggy and Cat all show off their belongings as their suitcase opens up and is ready for inspection by the reader.  Kids always love and are entertained by a lift-the-flap format, one that will have them coming back again and again for just one more peek.  

The book is sprinkled with lots of engaging questions to get curious minds thinking and focused on what they are reading.  Their discoveries in the suitcase will enhance vocabularies and give kids some insight into the careers this variety of animals chose to pursue.   

The illustrations are happy, expressive and emotional with vivid coloured backgrounds that pull the reader into the narrative.  The last page makes the story very personal. 

 Piggy is off to a sleep over at his Grandma and Grandpa's....

"Do you see what Piggy is taking in his little suitcase
What would you put in your suitcase?"

The text, the illustrations, the opportunity to interact are spot on for this age-group and I would certainly recommend getting a copy of the book to enjoy.

Storywraps Rating... 5 HUGS!!!!!

Packed my suitcase to go....Don't think I forgot anything!

About the author

On January 11, 1971 I was born in Mol. My childhood and youth I spend in Balen. Tinkering and I like to draw. Occasionally I find sometimes drawing on an old attic from that period! A special discovery was the drawing of a clown ... I was five years old when I made them.

Or somewhere I 'artistic education' take? 
Yes! In 1977 - I'm six - write my parents for me in art class at the Municipal Academy Mol. Despite the nice report I have enough after one year. What I hate scrubbing brushes!
Then I sign barely. After primary school in Balen I go to high school in Mol. I choose Latin-mathematics and I study further afterwards. I follow nutrition and dietetics, first at the Rega School and later at the University of Leuven, where I Licentiate Achieve. The last year of this study, I spend as Erasmus student at the University of Southampton, England. I follow a course to be allowed to teach.

I'm not teaching but start working at Janssen Pharmaceutica. First as a medical writer, then as Quality Engineer. Meanwhile, I'm married to Bart and we have two wonderful sons - Lander and Robbe - welcome to our family. When Robbe is 6 weeks old, we leave for New Haven, Connecticut, USA. Bart doing postdoctoral research at Yale University, and I ... I do the housework! Despite this busy activity I miss something: a job, a challenge ... and something for myself. Then Bart comes up with the brilliant words: 'even write a little book. "

After some research and a few phone calls, I knew it! I sign up for the contest "the city of Hasselt Price" now renamed the 'Key Colors' and I draw a picture of ... a clown! The drawing will be selected for the corresponding exhibit. During the exhibition I hear on the open illustrator days' organized by Clavis. I absolutely must go!

No sooner said than done. 

With one drawing - a clown (again) - I'm going to Hasselt. I have to wait a while because there are many people there who all enter with bulging covers. It saves her but if I go back outside! Still, I manage to listen carefully to what I am told. On the scenario, the illustrations, the interaction between the two ... while I am really only concerned with good getting my inkleurwerk '... It encourages them to continue! It takes a long time before I picked everything: paint, brushes, paper, art ... but practice makes perfect!

Meanwhile, we are from New Haven to Jumet moved in Wallonia, I quit my job at Janssen Pharmaceutica and I give biology at a school in Halle. But drawing and inventing stories bit me ... do not let me go. I re-enrolling for the price illustrator of the city of Hasselt. This time with the Masks off, "a story about a rat who falls in love with a mouse. The story is set in Venice ... And again my drawing is selected for the exhibition. More than that I win the audience: "Child Prize '! Even my first picture book is published later, "Wiebe is in love." Meanwhile, we moved back to Bale, I have a class time given in Mol, a job that I quit to do what I love to do: think of picture books and illustrated.

Yes, I can say that I feel so happy in my work as a child of five to draw a clown with yellow and red eyes and a flower on his hat. Sometimes dreams do come true!

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