Tuesday, September 5, 2017

"The Crazy Friend" - a bookwrap

Playdates with friends are just the best thing ever.  Come join Ginger Green, the Playdate Queen, and find out how this particular one she just set up could have been a whole lot better ... enjoy!


Authored by Kim Kane
Illustrated by Jon Davis

Ages 6-8
Grade Level 1-3

Unwrapping some fun illustrations for you today

About the book

Ginger Green is seven years old and Queen of playdates.  She calls up her friend from school Maisy and arranges a get together.  Maisy enthusiastically accepts... Maisy screams,  "YES!" as her acceptance speech and maybe that too loud response should have been a clue as to what is to come.

At precisely 2:00 the next day the door bell rings, and rings, and rings ad nauseam.  Ginger's mother answers the door and shouts HI over Maisy's extra loud and exited HI!!!!!... while yes, the door bell is still ringing.   Maisy throws off her boots when she enters. They  hit the wall with a bang and she tears off down the stairs, not with Ginger, but with Ginger's younger sister Penny,  who by the way, is stark naked.  Mother yells in her angry voice, "No running in the house," but to no avail, the girls are gone.  The playdate goes down hill from there if you can believe it as Maisy gets more and more out of control.  She goes missing and ends up on the garage roof dangling Mother's car keys over the side.  She's pushing buttons on the key chain that make the garage door go up and down like it's waving hello to the whole neighbourhood. She's acting very irresponsibly and putting herself in danger.  Oh my! 

Can Ginger and her Mother get things under control and finally settle things down to have a sane playdate with her crazy friend Maisey?  

The Ginger Green Series will certainly be a hit. "The Crazy Friend"  will have kids laughing and relating, as Ginger and her family try to find a solution to calm down a very dramatic and chaotic time.  The fun, expressive and action-packed illustrations add greatly to the success of the story. 

The series deals with social dilemmas and will be a perfect catalyst to trigger discussions about making good friends, displaying proper behaviour on playdates (whether in your own home or if you are invited to another home). There are two more books to come and I can't wait to read them.  I highly, highly recommend this heartwarming chapter book. 

Storywraps Rating... 5 HUGS!!!!!

About the author

Kim Kane is an award-winning author who writes for children and teens in Australia and overseas. Kim’s books include the CBCA short-listed picture book Family Forest and her middle-grade novel Pip: the Story of Olive. Kim lives with her family in Melbourne and writes whenever and wherever she can.

About the illustrator

Pirates, old elephants, witches in bloomers, bears on bikes, ugly cats, sweet kids ¬― Jon Davis does it all! Based in Twickenham, United Kingdom, Jon Davis has illustrated more than 40 kids’ books for publishers across the globe.

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