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"My Secret Dog" - a bookwrap

Everyone at one time or another tries to keep a secret.  It's a tough thing to do because sometimes you have to be deceptive and sneak around trying not to get discovered.  Today's book is about a little girl who does just that.... I know you will enjoy this and it will bring a smile to your face. 


"My Secret Dog"
Created by Tom Alexander

Ages 3-7
Grade Levels:  PS-2

Unwrapping some very kid-friendly illustrations 

About the book

This fun book will delight kids because they so readily can relate.  An adorable dog follows a little girl home and she opens the door to let him come inside.  That's where her secret begins.  She has always wanted a dog of her very own but has been told by her Mum that they don't have enough space to keep one.  She then creates a variety of ways to keep him hidden.  Think she can do it? 

At first she thinks she'll just give him some food because he is so hungry but as she spends time watching him eat her heart melts and she can't tell him go.  She decides to take him to her room, conceal him in her cupboard and make him a secret.  Oh my!  Will this idea work do you think?

She plays with him at night, packs him into a suitcase and wheels him off to school the next day with her, then hides him in the cloakroom. Thankfully he is well-behaved all morning. She plays games with him at lunchtime but after games and an outdoor romp he refuses to get back into the box because he is having so much out-of-the-box fun!  Luckily she gets him back into the suitcase, back inside the school and back into the cloakroom. Whew! This dog is a lot of work!  Then things go downhill from there:

"He ripped up a scarf... ate a pair of gloves.. and I probably shouldn't mention what he did in those wellies." 

Her angry schoolmates riot. She gets sent home with a note. 

When the little girl arrives at home the dog did not want to go back into the cupboard so she tells him to hide under her bed.  She did not sleep a wink all night because she was so worried her Mum would discover him.  

The next morning Mum observes how tired her little girl is from her nighttime (and daytime) antics and asks her if she is ok.  Still the little girl will not confess.  

The following day she decides to leave the dog at home so she will not get into any more trouble at school. But alas she spends the day worrying about him being all alone which adds to her exhausted demeanour.  The teacher, seeing she is not looking well sends her home with another note.  What she finds when she goes inside changes all of her plans for permanently harbouring the dog and forces her to tell her mom what she had been up to.  The story does have a happy ending for both her and her secret dog ( and Mum ) and the author has tucked in a lovely twist on the last page that will make you laugh.

The illustrations are simple, black and white, uncluttered and work extremely well with the text.  The little girl discovers that secrets can be very hard, and exhausting to keep.  I like the book a lot and recommend it. 

Storywraps Rating...  5 HUGS!!!!!

About the author

Tom Alexander writes stories, draws pictures and makes weird little things out of paper. He lives in London with his wife and cat.

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