Thursday, November 9, 2017

"Bim Bam Boom" - a bookwrap

I remember doing this as a young child.  Mom's lower cupboard doors were swung open and all her pots and pans were strewn  across the kitchen floor as my sisters and I made fabulous music sharing our talents together.  It kept us entertained for ages. Oh the simplicity and wonderment of something so simple being so awesome!  Today's book is all about creative play and the happiness it brings.  Enjoy!  


Authored by Frédéric Stehr

Origin : France
Ages 1+

Available January 1, 2018
Grecko Press Publishing

Some sweet illustrations for you to enjoy

About the book

Baby owl discovers that a pot and two wooden spoons makes a lovely drum and creates musical sounds she loves.  "BIM BAM BIM BAM BIM."  Her friend canary wants to join in so off she goes and finds two pot lids - ''TISH TISH TISH!"  Sparrow decides to get on board and brings along a bowl and laden - "BOOM BOOM BOOM!" Chick and Raven add to the jug band beat with instruments that they have concocted also. And the beat goes on.... a loud and heavenly beat to the musicians but an annoying, joyless sound to poor Mrs. Owl's ears.  Oh my!

She gathers up all their make-shift devices and swaps them for a lovely cake that she has baked.  Hurray!!! So much for the jamming session.  The little ones are ecstatic!  What can be better than a yummy cake finale?

After they indulge raven asks the question, "Now what shall we do?"  Chick suggests painting? But with what?  Baby owl locates the perfect medium to share with her friends to get their creative juices flowing once again.  Painting it shall be!!!

The illustrations in this board book are simple line drawings and the text is varied in size and font which makes for an exciting read.  The action and expressions are kid-friendly and spot on.  The book points out to us that rhythm and sound can be pleasurable to some but definitely not to others and that the interpretation is in the ear of the beholder.  

Storywraps Rating -  5 +++ HUGS!!!!!

About the author/illustrator

Frédéric Stehr was born sixth in a family of seven children. He studied fine arts in Paris, where he spent hours painting in the public gardens, and he worked as a carpenter and painter. Then he discovered picture books, publishing his first book in 1983, and he now has more than 60 books to his name.

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