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"My Teacher's Not Here!" - a bookwrap

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Unwrapping today's featured book

"My Teacher's Not Here! "

Authored by Lana Button
Illustrated by Christine Battuz

Ages: 5-6
Grade Level:  PS-2

Unwrapping today's sweet illustrations

About the book

"There's Trouble at school!  I can tell right away.
Miss Seabrooke? Where are you? Are you HERE today?"

Smiling Miss Seabooke should be here to meet me.
But my teacher is missing and NOT here to greet me.

Being a former Kindergarten teacher myself I totally understand the nervousness and apprehension in Kitty's voice as she shows up for school and her routine has been shaken.  Her teacher is missing and not there to greet her good morning.  

She remembers her teacher has been coughing a lot and she speculates that she is likely home sick trying to get better.  So what is Kitty supposed to do?   Should she go home too?  Oh, oh the bell is ringing and classes are filing into the school just as usual. Oh my!  This is very scary indeed. 

 Kitty tries to be brave and but has flashbacks of needing Miss Seabrooke to open up her thermos when she was unable to do so.  She needs her to unstick her coat zipper when it is jammed.   But most of all she needs Miss Seabrooke's hugs, the ones that she gives away so freely to her darling students.  How will the kids keep on track as they go through their day together without her expert guidance and care?  Oh my... my... my!  This is just too much for a fragile kindergartener to figure out all on her own.  

Her fears escalate even more as she peeks into her classroom and sees a strange guy inside with a deep voice beckoning them to enter.  He is the exact opposite of her beloved teacher.  He's tall and skinny and he's a ... MAN!!!   Mr. Omar is his name and right away he shares a note from their teacher which confirms that she is indeed ill and will not be in for school today.  She asks for the class to co-operate in helping Mr. Omar out in any way that they can and to please be kind and helpful to each other too.  After they digest her written words the class settles down and her wisdom sinks into their minds then hearts building up their confidence that yes, they can do this without her.  

Kitty's positive confession at the end of the school day says it all:

"It's the end of the day rush
matching kids with their things.
But we're ready for home
when the final bell rings.

The school bus is here!
I made it! I'm done!
I survived the WHOLE day.
(I even had FUN.)

 The illustrations are adorable and full of expression that kid's can totally relate to. This charming book, told in rhyme, will instill self-assurance into little ones as they come face-to-face with unexpected changes in their familiar (and safe) routines that they look forward to each and every day as they head off to school.  I highly recommend this book.  

Storywraps Rating  -  5 HUGS!!!!!

About the author

Lana Button was born and raised in the tiny border town of St. Stephen, New Brunswick, where she transformed all of her rubber skipping ropes into microphones, and sang to large crowds of imaginary people in her bedroom. Growing up, Lana took any opportunity to perform. She studied theatre performance at Concordia University in Montreal and spent some time in Vancouver acting in TV and film.
Lana fell in love with the magic of picture books while studying early childhood education. Today Lana lives in Burlington, Ontario, with her husband, her three incredible daughters and her cat, Rocco, and she spends much of her day singing and reading to small crowds of preschoolers

Students get into a routine. And that routine can be quite shaken when the teacher is out sick. This story looks into that situation in a fun sing song way. The rhymes flow quite nicely, as our little cat learns how she will be through the day without her usual teacher.

About the illustrator

Christine Battuz was born in France and currently residing in Bromont, Quebec, Canada. She started drawing at 3 when she was able to hold a pen. Growing up, Christine was inspired by her mother’s collection of painting all over her house. She studied in Italy and received her Masters of Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts of Perugia. After graduating, she was uncertain as to what to do with her diploma. A good friend who is a designer predicted and convinced her that she was an illustrator. Interestingly enough, this wonderful friend later turned out to become her husband. She has illustrated over sixty children books, published in North America, Korea and Europe. Her work appears in educational books, magazines, toys and toys packaging. She teaches art to adults and children of all ages. When not illustrating, she loves trail running and skiing with her husband and son.

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