Wednesday, November 22, 2017

"Dr. Coo and the Pigeon Protest" - a bookwrap

Pigeons.... friends or foes?  Today's book is all about this controversy. What do you think?  Let's enjoy.


"Dr. Coo and the Pigeon Protest"

Authored by Sarah Hampson
Illustrated by Kass Reich

Kids Can Press
April 3, 2018

Unwrapping some wonderful illustrations

About the book

Pigeon power needed!  Pigeons unite!  It's time to stop being disrespected by the people around us. We are waging war on discourtesy! 

Dr. Coo, a sophisticated, big-city kind of pigeon,  rallies the troops and mobilizes them for victory.   You see all the pigeons feel that they get no respect as people swat at them with their umbrellas, shoo them from their perches and make them feel like pests, unworthy and unwanted.  Other birds are admired and revered but not the pigeons.

In bygone times pigeons were held in very high esteem and worked in harmony with mankind.  They once delivered news of the Olympic Games throughout Ancient Greece and medicine to soldiers on battlefields.  They were important to humans even called heroes, but alas, no more.  Something has to be done to get them in high standing once again.  Enough is enough! 

Dr. Coo cleverly uses his smarts and hatches a plan to reinstate pigeons back to their rightful place and reclaim the admiration and respect they so deserve.  

It will be Pigeon power at it's best... but will it work?   Healing and harmony is on it's way thanks to the good doctor... Dr. Who? No silly... Dr. Coo!!!! 

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS!!!!

About the author

Sarah Hampson is an award-winning journalist with the Globe and Mail. This is her first foray into the world of writing for children. She lives in Toronto, Ontario.
Kass Reich worked for three years in Beijing as an early childhood educator --- and that's what inspired her to start making picture books. She now lives in Toronto, Ontario.

About the illustrator

Kass Reich was born in Montreal Canada. She works as an artist and educator and has spent a majority of the last decade traveling and living abroad. Kass graduated with a degree in Art Education from Concordia University then picked up and moved to Beijing where she worked as an early childhood educator for nearly three years. Working with the little ones inspired her to start making picture books for very young learners. After Beijing she lived in Hong Kong, London England and Melbourne Australia. She now finds herself back in Canada but this time in Toronto

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