Tuesday, December 12, 2017

"Carlos the Chameleon" - a bookwrap

Do you know what and who this is?  This is a chameleon and his name is Carlos.   This is his story, an important one, that he wants to share with you today.  


Carlos the Chameleon: A Story to Help Empower Children to Be Themselves (Truth & Tails Children's Books) 

by Alice Reeves (Author), Phoebe Kirk (Illustrator)

Launches on March 21, 2018

Unwrapping some illustrations for you to peek at

About the book

This book is part of the "Truth and Tales" series whose goal is to eradicate prejudices and encourage acceptance of others.   Carlos is a beautiful emerald green chameleon and can magically turn different colours depending on his surroundings and who he is with.  He has a variety of friends which constantly challenges his transformations.  When he is with them he turns exactly the same colour to blend into their group.   Why in the world would he want do that?   

  You see, Carlos is very insecure about himself and his self-worth is very low.  He's afraid if he is not like his peers they will reject him and not be his friend any more. Oh my! That's so sad but his reality. 

He turns hot pink when he's with the flamingos, bright blue with his frog buddies, and orange with black spots when it's playtime with the jaguar pack.  He yearns so much to fit in and be just like them.  He thinks being the same is key to making their friendships work.

One day the animals discover his real colour.  My goodness he is a lovely emerald green. Because they are his true friends they assure him that he is gorgeous just the way he is and please don't change colour on their behalf.  Carlos is very relieved to learn that it's not about his outward appearance at all, but about his loving warm heart inside of him... that's why his friends want him to hang out  ad play with him.  Carlos is now one happy and contented chameleon. The truth has set him free so he can be true to himself and remain who he is.....  a caring, kind, beautiful, emerald green chameleon!  

The book has bold, vibrant illustrations that kid's will love. It has   extra notes and resources for teachers and parents to utilize also.  This is a very important message that will teach kids that they are unique and can celebrate exactly who they were created to be.  

Storywraps Rating....  5 HUGS!!!!! 

About the author

Alice Reeves is a marketing consultant and Phoebe Kirk is a freehand illustrator.  Together they founded "Truth and Tales" to address the issues that they are most passionate about campaigning for. Alice is also the founder of "The Belong Conversation", a series of events designed to promote connection, community, and belonging.   

About the Illustrator

I'm a freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer who has a wide range of skills and flexibility when it comes to creating a project that's right for you. I am proficient in both digital and traditional illustration and can incorporate the two. Part of my work is my partnership with Truth & Tails; a brand of children's books that are illustrated by me, which celebrate diversity, acceptance and understanding. 

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