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Postcard Happiness Project - an infowrap

Postcard happiness is a site dedicated to encouraging the sending postcards.

The idea is to explore the potential of postcard exchanges in various forms not limited to:
Sending kindness & encouragement where it’s needed most with the postcard happiness project:

Encouraging the world to focus their positive energy onto a small rectangular piece of postcard and sending it to people who could physically and emotionally benefit from a little encouragement or acknowledgement in the form of kind, written words from strangers and friends.

Go to:

Who is responsible for such a great idea?

I’m Tatjana, a graphic designer/ illustrator/ photographer/ adventurer/ with a passion for postcards, travel, ice cream and languages.

Unwrapping what it's all about

The postcard happiness project is a free initiative that enables us to send postcards to others who could benefit from a little postal kindness. It is about potential happiness. It’s not meant to make you sad about challenging times. It’s designed to lift your spirits in the knowledge that there’s something small and inexpensive that you can do to lift a stranger’s spirits in a big way somewhere out there.

· I post stories/ profiles of real people who could do with a little encouragement or support in the form of friendly, physical postcards.

· You and others can check out the website, pick a person you resonate with, take down their postal address and send them a friendly postcard (like in the good old days).

· That person receives a friendly postcard from someone (you) across the globe whom they have or have never met and they feel super happy. Or… even better, that person’s postbox is filled with friendly postcards from people around the world and their spirits are lifted. Mission accomplished.

· It’s free. The only costs to this project is the postcard (which you can make from images or photographs you have at home) and the stamp.

Who does it benefit? 

If you know someone who could do with a little support or love or celebration for any reason right now, send me their story and their postal address. I’ll put the story up on this page and voila, the ball is rolling. We can send happy people postcards too so if you know someone who has recently achieved some great personal goal, send me their details. It would be great if they received congratulations from a bunch of us.
Also if you have any suggestions or feedback feel free to let me know.

Unwrapping one creative idea for the design of your postcard
(many more on the website) 

Creating postcards using Postick:

Extracting the potential postcards that exist in “mundane” objects such as newspaper clippings, photographs, maps, flyers, drawings, packaging (and the list goes on). Turning these object into meaningful postcards by simply pasting a Postick on the back.
Join the postcard revolution :)

Things you could turn into
postcards with Postick:

· Photographs
· Drawings
· Flyers
· Invitations to events
· Fabric
· Vintage photographs
· Collaged bits & pieces
· Beautiful cardboard tea packaging
· Vintage/ used postcards
· Cut-out posters
· Nice gift wrap (but only if it’s nice)
· Torn-off corner of a Parisian paper place-mat 
· Magazine clippings
· Doodles on a paper serviette
· Torn-out page from a daily planner
· Kids drawings
· Paper menus
· Pages from old discarded books
· A section of a map
· Old concert tickets
· Pressed flowers
· Cardboard chocolate packaging
· Baby announcement photos
· Wedding pics

 Tatjana has also designed beautiful postcards to purchase.  

I love the whole idea and implementation of being a goodwill ambassador and sending words of kindness and encouragement to those who need some love in their life's journey.  Please check the website out and please participate if you feel lead to do so.  

What a wonderful caring and challenging project.  Words are very powerful and they can literally change a person's life.  They dispense hope and a sense of care whether they are for someone battling depression or celebrating with someone who has made a great achievement or is having a birthday.  Words of happiness are always in fashion and the right thing to do.     

Great work Tatjana.  Pass happiness on everyone. Let's change our world into a positive and uplifting one by making people feel special and showering them with happiness. 

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