Wednesday, February 21, 2018

"Celebrate with Zaza" - a bookwrap

Everyone loves a party! 


Created by Milo Freeman

Pub date: 1 May, 2018
Grade Level: PS-1
Clavis Publishing 

Unwrapping some sweet illustrations for you today

About the book

Zaza is having a birthday party for her stuffed toy Rosie.  She loves to imagine and have fun and this will be the ultimate party to throw for her friend.  

She sits Rosie on a chair and then proceeds to sit a shiny handmade crown on her head to signify that she is the guest of honour.  She gathers all her other stuffed toys around Rosie because of course they too are invited to the fancy soiree.  The group even has a special present for the darling little red bear.  

But first they have to sing the happy birthday song, stuff themselves with cake and tea and ... but wait... Zaza takes inventory and notices that her stuffed bunny Pinkie is missing from the celebrating guests. Oh my, wherever could she be?  

Oh well, there's no time to go find her now because everyone is in ultra party- mode and Rosie's present is up next to open.  Zaza helps Rosie untie the ribbon and then peels back the wrapping paper, when she finally opens the box she discovers a tiny tip of a little pink ear sticking out.... can you guess what or who may be inside? 

What a fun book! Little ones always adore birthday parties and will enjoy guessing who is tucked away inside that box to make the party... picture party perfect!   The illustrations are bright and colourful and the simple storyline is spot on for that age group.  I highly recommend this book.  

Storywraps rating - 5 HUGS!!!!!

About the author/illustrator

        Mylo Freeman grew up in The Hague and lives in Amsterdam. She attended the art-academy in Amsterdam and majored in illustration and painting. She has been a full-time writer-illustrator since 1993 and has published over 50 picture books. Her debut book Potty! was awarded the Kiek Book Prize and has been translated into many languages. The Princess Arabella series is one of her most well-known books and has been published in Holland, Nigeria and the UK.

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