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"A Ruckus in the Garden" - a bookwrap



The Adventures of Pettson and Findus

"A Ruckus in the Garden"
by Sven Nordquist

Ages: 4-8
Grade Level: PS-3
Publisher:  NorthSouth Books (May1, 2018) 

Unwrapping some simply amazing illustrations

About the book

I simply adore Sven Nordquist's books.  The quirky stories and amazing, humorous, and detailed illustrations are just the best in my opinion.  

Pettson and Findus star again in a classic tale that will have kids laughing.  This time they decide to plant a lovely spring garden.  Pettson plants seed potatoes so his crop will yield five to ten new potatoes each come harvest time, carrots, onions, peas and beans.  All lovely vegetables for sure, but his cat Findus is determined to plant a meatball, which he eagerly does.  He runs over ever few minutes to see if it is growing... oh my, he discovers that meatballs take forever to sprout.   

Then a series of disasters strike the precious newly planted garden!  At first hens descend upon the garden patch and totally devaste it. Oh noooooo!!  Time to replant.  Next Pettson finds out that a herd of pigs have escaped from his neighbour Gustavsson's farm, and they trample and eat everything in sight too.  Oh dear... well he gives it one last try.  

He sets brave Fendus up in his treehouse as a midnight watchman.  His cat will be able to keep a watchful eye out and protect their garden domain.  Low and behold disaster strikes once again.  Can this be the last straw for these poor victimized gardeners?  Has all this mayhem and devastation been too much and will they finally give up their dream?  

The illustrations are truly amazing.  Full of action, detail, and emotion they take the text to a whole new level.  They almost come across as animated pulling the reader into the action on each page.  

This fantastic quirky tale will delight kids of all ages (adults too)!  I highly, highly recommend this book and the complete series! 

Storywraps Rating - 5 +++++ HUGS!!!!!

About the author/illustrator

Swedish author Sven has been illustrating children’s books since 1983. The Pettson and Findus series is an international bestseller, with live action movies and a popular television show in Sweden and Germany! When he’s not illustrating books for children, he spends time building playgrounds, children’s play areas at hospitals, and decorations for schools. The beloved Pettson and Findus stories draw, in part, on Nordqvist’s loving observations of his two sons when they were younger. His unique illustrations are inspired by the delights of everyday life.

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