Tuesday, February 27, 2018

"Spring into Action!" - a bookwrap

It's Spring and the Baker Street yard is in need of a major cleanup.  These adorable dinosaur pals, under the supervision of their environmentally savvy teacher, work together to do a thorough restoration and then they plant a beautiful spring garden for the whole community to enjoy.  Taking care of our neighbourhood and world is a beautiful thing. 


"Spring into Action" 

Authored by Pat Brigandi
Illustrated by Maine Diaz

Ages:  5-6
Grade Level: PS-2
Series:  Dinosaur Pals

Unwrapping some delightful illustrations for you

About the book

Mrs. Gronk is rallying her young students to form a cleaning brigade and then lead them in an attack to transform Baker Street yard.  It is a littered vacant lot that is an eyesore to the whole community so she is encouraging her students to become part of the Clean Up Day that their town is promoting.  The class will work hard and not only clean up the rubble but transform the space into a beautiful garden for the whole town to enjoy.

All the kids are stoked to take up the challenge except Max.  They come to school Friday bringing shovels, pails, plants and seeds, watering cans, and a wonderful positive... yes we can... attitude.  They are ready to dig in.  Max hesitantly shows up wearing a funny suit, his bug suit, because Max is afraid of bugs.  Kayla, his friend, assures him that they will take care of him.  

The kids work tirelessly all day carrying away the garbage and refuse. Each time Max freaks out when he encounters a worm, a grasshopper, a ladybug, and even a butterfly someone is there to shepherd him and to lessen his anxiety when he is afraid.  What great compassionate friends he has! Will Max finally let down his guard and help the rest of the group create a beautiful Spring garden that will bring happiness to all the town's residents?  

This message is a wonderful one of caring, teamwork, friendship, no judging, and a lovely environmental mission:  transforming a cluttered ugly space into something beautiful that they all can claim ownership to.  The students will feel proud of all their hard work and the stunning results that will bring joy to many people in the years to come.    

The illustrations are vibrant, colourful and very expressive.  This would be a perfect book to share with a group on Earth Day.  

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS!!!!!

About the author/illustrator

Pat Brigandi has spent her career loving children's books. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

As soon as Maine Diaz could hold a pencil, she started drawing and never stopped. Maine lives in Argentina in a tiny green house where she spends time with her two cats, Chula and Lola.

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