Tuesday, March 27, 2018

"The Picky Eater" - a bookwrap

Please meet Piper.  She is an adorable little piglet. But wait... why in the world is she in the timeout chair?  Let's find out her story and you will discover why...


"The Picky Eater"

by Betsy Parkinson
Illustrated by Shane Clester

Publisher:  Capstone

Pub Date 01 Aug 2018
Ages:  4-7

Unwrapping some great illustrations for you

About the book

Piper is an adorable, strong-willed little piglet who has made up her mind that she will only eat foods that start with the letter "P", just like her name.  Both parents try to encourage her to try different foods, just five bites please, but Piper puts her hoof down and blatantly refuses.

Finally, totally exasperated, her mom has had enough.  She looses her piggy marbles...

"Fine", she said to Piper.  Don't eat.
but you may not utter a word.."

"But!" replied Piper.


Sounds like mom means business. Piper just sits there. Mom and Dad kept eating. This happens every night that week. Oh my!  It seems it is a battle of the piggy-wills.  Who do you think will win?  

The illustrations are just great.  The expressions of both Piper and her parents enrich the text greatly.  If you are dealing with a pig-headed little food protestor in your family this is the perfect book to share.  I highly recommend this book.  

Storywraps Rating:  5 HUGS!!!!!

About the author/ illustrator

Author Bio: 

Betsy grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin, she has taught Kindergarten in five different states. She loves her morning runs and traveling during summer. She lives just outside of Chicago with her husband two daughters. 

Illustrator Bio:

Largely self taught, Shane has been a professional illustrator since 2005. Initially working in comics and storyboards, Shane has transitioned to his real passion—children’s books—even self-publishing several of his own. Shane’s commitment and work ethic are unrivaled, with many clients going on to become personal friends. Above all else, Shane values his flexibility, diversity and determination to produce nothing less than perfect. Shane currently lives in Florida with his wonderful wife and their two tots. When not illustrating, he can usually be found by his in-laws's pool.

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