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"Sloppy Takes the Plunge" - a bookwrap

Know anyone who is reluctant to take a bath?  Finds it scary and would rather remain dirty than scrub up squeaky clean?  Today's story is all about that dilemma .... enjoy!  


"Sloppy Takes the Plunge"
by Sean Julian

Ages:  4-8
Grade Level:  PS - 2
Publisher: NorthSouth Books
Pub. Date:  September 4, 2018

Unwrapping some wonderful illustrations for you to enjoy


Short, simple, sweet—and more than likely to spur some similarly slobbery affection between parent and child.
– Kirkus Reviews

Pacing is everything here as audiences are lulled into sympathy with the hugless dragon until the very last page. Mournful Sloppy, with his eggplant-shaped snout, barely-there mouth, and scales that look like tidy, distinct green leaves, initially doesn’t seem to have earned his name, looking more floppy than sloppy as his sadness deepens. Dewdrop is an effective and expressive targeted snubber, turning up her pert little nose and angling her eyebrows at Sloppy as he tries to get a hug and smiling sweetly at the other critters.
– The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

About the book

This delightful tale will have you smiling.  Sloppy, the tree dragon, wants his friend Dewdrop to give him a big warm hug and is a little hurt when she declines to do so.  Why would she say no to her good friend?  This is why...

Sloppy is covered in dirt, mud, and who knows what else. Dewdrop  encourages him to first take a bath and then she will gladly hug him.  It is then that she discovers something very surprising. Sloppy proudly declares that he has never taken a bath before and is apprehensive to do so now because sharks or crocodiles might be lurking in the water just waiting to nibble on his toes. Oh my!  He's scared! 

The two then notice a mother duck trying hard to encourage her baby ducklings to take their first plunge in the water too.  The brood is feeling nervous and scared just like Sloppy.  

It's Sloppy to the rescue!  His kind heart kicks in and he leads the little band of quackers into the water.  Together they experience the fun of having a safe bath time together.  Sloppy finds out that getting clean is nearly as much fun as getting muddy. 

This book is for all the little ones who may fear bath time.  I simply love the illustrations.  They are very creative and the characters are adorable.  They display lots of activity and expression and the fact that Dewdrop always carries a book warms my heart.  (She's my kind of girl!). 

I highly recommend this book as it is easy to read, great fun to share, and an all round sweet story. 

Storywraps Rating - 5++HUGS!!!!!

Meet the talented  author/illustrator

Sean was born in Derbyshire and studied at the Mansfield College of Art and then moved to Bristol to study Illustration. Sean being himself big and hairy, he was always happiest drawing Bears, Gorillas and other big hairy creatures. This naturally led him to a career in Children’s books illustration. He still lives in Bristol with his girlfriend, with whom he shares a woolly blanket, a biscuit barrel and a dream that one day they’ll get a dog and some chickens. Sean has been working as a freelance illustrator and writer for many years, working on many fun and exciting projects, something that he hopes will continue for many years to come.

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