Saturday, May 19, 2018

"Was Up Hippo" - a bookwrap

Come join hippo as a new day dawns and he's on it.  So fun for your wee one to experience it with him!  Ready? 


"Wake up Hippo!" 

 Created by: Atlan

Series: Kika's First Books
Publisher: xist Publishing 
Ages:  1-4
Grade Level: PS+

Unwrapping some simple, powerful illustrations for you

About the book

This is a fun book to share with wee ones.  The text is simple and the uncluttered illustrations are perfect for that age-group.  Almost every child can relate to hippo's itinerary for the day.

His moods are driven by the weather and on a cloudy, rainy day he is sad but on a bright sunny day he is all smiles and bubbles with happiness.  He practices good hygiene as well by carefully  brushing his teeth and dressing properly for his day.  He loves to  exercise by plunging into the river to take a wonderful swim.  He does due diligence by hanging up his wet t-shirt to dry in the warm summer breeze.  After a busy day he has a time-out resting and relaxing under the shade of a big tree... a rest he has rightly earned.  

Young kids will love the book I'm sure.  The illustrations are bold, vibrant and burning with colour.  This is a perfect book to share or for a budding beginner reader to tackle alone.  I love the whole series and recommend them to you.

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS!!!!!

About xist Publishing

Xist Publishing: Books for the Touchscreen Generation

Our mission is to help children develop a lifetime love of reading—no matter what form it takes. As the digital-first publisher for children, eBooks are our top priority. But we also know that parents love to snuggle up with their kids and flip through a picture book—so we do that too. As technology evolves, kids will too. As parents ourselves, we want to make sure that no matter how kids are reading in the future, they’re reading and loving it.

Xist Publishing has grown to be the largest digital children’s publishing start-up with 180 titles from 45 authors and illustrators. For each title, Xist Publishing creates five distinct eBook editions (Amazon, iBooks, NOOK, Kobo, and reflowable ePub for libraries) and often produces a print version as well. The books have been featured on hundreds of blogs from niche children’s book sites to The Pioneer Woman and Alpha Mom.

Key Features

• Distraction-Free Design: We believe books should be books and games should be games. As parents ourselves, the last thing we want bedtime to include is more levels.

• Turn Waiting Time into Reading Time: Children’s eBooks make it possible to take story time anywhere. Waiting rooms, carpool lines, and even an older child’s soccer practice all become places where picture books can be shared.

• Niche Titles Find a Market: Our catalog includes stories about ancient saints and modern multi-racial families. By employing a digital-first approach, we’ve been able to publish books for both small and large markets.

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