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"World's Best ( and Worst ) Animal Jokes" - a bookwrap

Everyones loves a good laugh right?   "Laughter is good for your health.  Laughter relaxes your whole body.  A good, hearty laugh relieves physical tension and stress, leaving your muscles relaxed for up to 45 minutes after.  Laughter boosts the immune system.  Laughter is the sweetest medicine for both the mind and the body."


"World's Best (and Worst) Animal Jokes" (Laugh Your Socks Off!) 

Authored by Emma Carlson Berne

Ages: 6-10
Grade Level: 1-4
Publisher:  Lerner Pub Group 

Unwrapping some illustrations for you to enjoy

About the book

This super fun book will have kids guessing and giggling and wanting to turn the page to check out the next joke.  The jokes are all about animals and include knee-slappers:

"I really want to go to the dance, Daisy Spider told her friend Allison Spider.
Well, why don't you go? Allison Spider asked.
Daisy looked down and said softly, I'd feel out of place.  It's a moth-ball." ...

... and groaners ( my favourite) :

Q.  What has big antlers and sucks blood?
A.   A moose-quito?

   Kids adore riddling their friends and love it when they can deliver the punch line making both laugh out loud at the witty answers.  

Some like:

"Two big cats were playing cards.  The spotted big cat kept winning. The striped big cat was getting madder and madder. Finally, he pointed at the spotted big cat and said,  I know what's going on!  YOU'RE A CHEETAH!"

"Knock, knock. Who's there?
Snakeskin who? 
Snakeskin bite, so be careful." 

 When I was an elementary school librarian joke books were always in high demand in the library. I usually ordered a duplicate so I would have two copies for my students to check out. Who doesn't love ( and need ) a real good chuckle or a bust-the-gut laugh?  Everyone! This book delivers. 

The illustrations are colourful, kid-appealing and comical in themselves.  They marry perfectly with the jokes presented giving the book a fun, happy vibe from start to finish.  

Storywraps Rating - 4 HUGS!!!!

About the author

Emma Carlson Berne has written and edited more than two dozen books for young people. She holds a master's degree in composition and rhetoric from Miami University. Emma lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, with her husband and two sons. Visit her online at http: //

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