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"Isosceles' Day - a bookwrap

"Isosceles" (formerly named Jake), and his sister, were neglected and likely abused, in a backyard in Wyoming during their first 3 years of life. His cruel owners moved and gave the pair up for adoption.  The two were separated but luckily for Isosceles the author adopted him.  This book is about one day in his new, lovely life, full of magic and fun with the special relationships he has with his friends. 


"Isosceles's Day"
authored and illustrated by Kevin Meehan

Ages: 4-8
Grade Levels:  1-3
Publisher: Isosceles Holdings LLD 

Unwrapping some beautiful illustrations for you

About the book

The illustrations in this book are extraordinary to say the least.  They are so lifelike and detailed that they look like photographs.  This delightful story is about an abused dog that gets rescued and brought into a home where he is properly nourished and receives unconditional love, nursing him back to health and well-being.

It documents the day in the life of Isosceles. 

"As a mole who loves to care,
I feel this moment, a time to share.  So with this wand I do declare, this day will be a great affair." 

Imagination and magic reigns on every page as Isosceles is entertained by dancing eggs at breakfast, a singing moose who howls a duet with his doggie friend, an acrobatic frog who performs on his tightrope, and a splash in the water with his buddy, platypus, just to name a few.  What an incredibly fortunate dog to have such a diverse selection of friends. 

He ends his busy day with a lovely, soothing lullaby played by Frog on his violin.  Ahhhhhh.... a perfect ending to a perfect day.  

 This heartwarming story will teach compassion, kindness and the importance of having good friends and living a healthy life. It also points out the difference that someone can make in poor, suffering, abandoned animal's life when they are rescued and given a forever home full of love and care.  I highly recommend this book. 

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS!!!!!

About the author/illustrator

As a child, the author experienced a similar life condition as Isosceles. Not having much of a home, love or sense of protection and safety, he has a very special understanding of Isosceles' early years. As a diplomat of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and an integrative health care practitioner for almost three decades, he recognizes the importance of the compassion essential in helping others; people and animals. The author's commitment to helping animals and humans, coupled with his passion for biochemistry, lead him to design a unique, patented, line of canine orthomolecular supplements to nurture dogs back to health in a natural way. One of his favorite quotes is, "With the eyes of a child we learn how to see”!

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