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Sir Simon Super Scarer - a bookwrap


Sir Simon: Super Scarer


* Ages: 4-8
* Grade Levels:   PS-3
* Hardcover:  48 pages
* Publisher: Tundra Books
* Pub. Date: September 4, 2018

Praise for the book

“Part snarky comedy, part feel-good tale, the book offers enough laughs to be a solid readaloud, and its lack of scary moments makes it a good choice for kids who prefer their ghost stories screamfree.” 
– Publisher’s Weekly

Unwrapping some fun illstrations for you to enjoy

About the book

Sir Simon Super Scarer is a professional ghost and even has his own business card to prove it.  " Sir Simon Super Scarer... Ghosts with the mostest" it reads.  Now who wouldn't want to hire him?  

He has haunted forests, a boat, a bus stop, and strange things like a doll, a pizza and even a potato, just to name a few.  Finally he gets a promotion and is assigned to his very first house to haunt and is he excited!  Unfortunately, with that stroke of good luck comes some bad news. He will be responsible to carry out ghost chores at his new location, chores like creaking the stairs, flickering the lights, flushing the toilets, hiding and moving things around, or standing creepy in a window wearing old-times clothes.  He discovers his assigned house will have old people moving in which is good because they sleep a lot.  If they sleep lots his chore list won't be so long and therefore he will be able to spend more free time on things that he loves to do.  That's a bonus right? 

He is excited to meet his clients but that happiness soon disappears because he discovers there is one old grandma and.... one spunky kid that moves in.  Oh nooooo he never expected a kid would be around to spoil his plans and bug him.

He learns that the kid's name is Chester and Chester is over-the-moon happy knowing a real live ( well dead ) ghost lives in the house.  He pellets a million questions at Sir Simon Super Scarer and asks if he can be a ghost too?

Crafty Simon has a eureka moment....mmmmm.... yes Chester would be a perfect partner in crime.  The kid can perform all the ghost chores leaving Sir Simon to enjoy more and more free time for the things he loves like, cross- stitch, learning French and working on his thrilling novel.  What a brilliant plan!!! 

Will it work?  Unfortunately although Chester has every intention of pleasing his new ghost friend he is not good at haunting and Sir Simon discovers that little Chester has been moved around a lot just like him.  Empathy and compassion kicks in and Sir Simon repents and offered to help Chester out with his human chores which he is not good at either.  Oh my!!  One thing they do find out is that they are very good at being friends together.  I love a story with a happy ending and his story does not disappoint. 

The illustrations are wonderful and they carry the storyline perfectly.  They are animated and full of emotion and detail which I like.  The message of the book is positive and redemptive.  I highly recommend this book.  

Storywraps Rating - 5 +++HUGS!!!!!

Meet the creator of the book

Cale Atkinson is an illustrator and animator living lakeside with his family in Kelowna, British Columbia. Believing in tea more than sleep, Cale is constantly working on numerous projects. His work can be found in children’s books, including To the Sea which he wrote and illustrated, animated shorts, television and games. If he had to choose, Cale would probably want a hippogriff as a pet, to go on adventures and solve mysteries with. Or maybe just a goldfish …

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