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Great websites for kids to visit - an infowrap

"Websites come and go -- but the ones that are truly useful stick around for the long term. For students, having a few go-tos in your back pocket whenever you need to exercise some math muscles, build vocabulary, practice analytical skills, or do research is a time-saver (and sometimes a lifesaver!). What kinds of sites are bookmark-worthy? Ones that offer solid, supplementary information, adapt to your kid's level, provide fun practice instead of drill-and-kill, and show videos to explain complex concepts.  These websites listed will ones you'll come back to again and again so bookmark them and you will start learning a lot quicker. "

 Unwrapping Preschool and Early Grades

Bedtime Math - 3+

Great for kids who need some daily math practice but dislike drills. Parents and kids can explore a real-world math problem together, and the different levels let kids of different ages participate.


Parents need to know that Bedtime Math provides a daily math problem for different age groups, generally pre-K, K–Grade 2, and Grade 2 and up, although specific ages aren't listed. The site's intent is to make math a regular occurrence for families. Answers are included, so kids won't get too frustrated if they can't figure a problem out; parents may want to read the problem to their children to make it more challenging. Kids can share items on social media but can't interact with others on the site; for additional information on the site's use of personal information, be sure to check out its privacy policy. 

Prodigy Math Game -

An engaging combination of fantasy-based video game and math practice, this adventure also escapes dull drills. It's available as a website and an app.


Parents need to know that Prodigy Math Game is a fantasy-based web and app game that covers skills learned in Grades 1 through 8. Kids answer math questions to earn spells, which they use to battle monsters as they move through different worlds on the way to Wizard Academy. Parents can set up a free account for access to a dashboard. Use the dashboard to customize skills covered in the game, create assignments, and view a child's activity, progress, and standards coverage. There's an option for kids to play online with friends, but the only chat uses preselected phrases. The app is free, but a paid subscription offers more gaming features, such as mini-game power-ups and access to the infamous Dark Tower. Leveling up is also easier as a paid user, so it's likely kids will ask for access to those features. Read the app's privacy policy to find out about the types of information collected and shared.

Bookopolis - 7+

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Like a Goodreads for kids, this site lets kids log their reading, rate books, and earn rewards for reading. It's great for reluctant readers who might trust another kid's endorsement about a book.


Parents need to know that Bookopolis is a great site for kids to connect to readers and explore books they've already read or may like to read. The website tracks and promotes reading and writing through the use of badges and points, which can possibly engage even the most reluctant of readers. Though the site doesn't promote any violence, sex, inappropriate language, or substance abuse, the stories that are separated by grade level could feature varying levels of this content within the stories. Parents will like the ease in which their children will safely explore new titles in this interactive site; kids can't join the site without using an adult's email, which means that parents also can track their children's progress and interaction on this COPPA-compliant website.

FactMonster - 9+

Kids can use this as a resource for a variety of subjects. With biographies, an atlas, and other reference materials, Factmonster is an informative place for kids to find fun facts and play educational games.


Parents need to know that this well-organized, kid-friendly mega resource is the place to go for fun facts and homework help. It's brought to you by educational professionals, so no need to worry about the content. The multiple ads per page are the only annoying thing to be found.

Free Rice - 9+

While very simple, this game has two purposes: to teach words and to feed people. For each multiple-choice vocabulary question answered correctly, 10 grains of rice go to the UN World Food Program.


Parents need to know that for every correct answer to this site's endless quiz, ten grains of rice are donated to the UN World Food Program. It's addictive, it can spark competitiveness -- "I can donate more rice than you can!", and bragging -- "My vocabulary score topped out at 42!" Neither children nor adults are immune to its lure.

BJPinchback’s Homework Helper - 10+


Provides research and general knowledge in lots of subject areas. Unlike more targeted sites, this one offers links to a wide variety of topics, including history, science, and grammar.

Parents need to know that BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Helper is an educational site and academic oasis. A library of educational links provides users with information covering almost every topic that comes to mind. The site is constructed so that each category is broken into subcategories. For example, the "English" section offers links on grammar, mythology, poetry, literature, and authors; "Computer Science" offers links on programming, networks, and web design; and the "Science" section offers information about anatomy, botany, biology, physics, and much more. This homework hub is a wonderful aid to students across the board, but users should be cautious about straying to links with mature or inappropriate content. As a bonus, BJ Pinchbeck provides a "College Companion," an entire site dedicated to preparing for college prep and being successful while in college.

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