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"The Dog Who Wanted To Fly" - a book wrap

Think Zora can fly? 


The Dog Who Wanted to Fly 

Authored by Kathy Stinson
Illustrated by Branon James Scott

* Age Range: 3-6
* Grade Level: PS-1
* Hardcover: 36 pages
* Publisher: Annick Press
* Pub. Date: March 12, 2019
* Language: English


“A clever and endearing story, expertly illustrated, with an affirming message.” 
—Kirkus Reviews, 12/05/18

Unwrapping some fabulous illustrations

Unveiling the book

I love this book, especially the illustrations.  Zora, a loveable dog,  has personality plus.  She is quite a character.  Her dream is to fly so she can catch the pesky squirrel that keeps taunting her in her backyard.   The squirrel knows just how to press Zora's buttons and Zora wants to rise to the occasion (literally) to teach that scallywag a lesson.  

Tully, a skeptical cat, discourages Zora and tells her that there is no way that dogs can possibly fly.  Zora tries hard to prove Tully wrong.  She flaps her ears and wiggles her tail... no... fail.  She tries to obtain liftoff by pouncing on an empty teeter-totter... nope, and then she grabs an umbrella and tries to soar through the sky like the kite she sees high up in the heavens...  oh nooo... human intervention.  She spots a huge heavy airplane zooming along with ease and lays on her stomach, stretches out her legs and whispers, "Up! Up! Up!".... uh uh. She's doomed to remain earth-bound.  Totally discouraged in her defeats she trudges back to her doghouse downhearted and sad.  Is there any hope that her dream of flying can come true?  

Zora picks up her ears when she hears a desperate cry for help from Tully who is stranded high up in a tree.  Instantly "Zora's everything tingled! " Another cry calls her into action and Zora is off to the rescue but can she take flight to do so?  

This delightful story of perseverance and heart is embedded in almost animated illustrations of the highest quality.  They are expressive and full of action visually encouraging the reader to never give up dreaming.  My all time favourite is when Zora is sprawled out under the shadow of a huge airplane which is flying overhead and she is trying to levitate.  I highly recommend this book with it's positive message and pleasing humour.  Dream on and dream BIG!  

Storywraps Rating - 5 +++ HUGS!!!!!


Meet the author 

Kathy grew up in Toronto. “My love affair with books began as a child,” she says. “I remember regular visits to the library, getting stacks of books to read.” She still has a notebook of stories that she wrote when she was in grade four. She believes that reading a lot is the key to becoming a good writer.
In the early 1970s Kathy attended university while teaching elementary school. In 1981, she took a course called “How to write and get published.” The titles she has published in the years since range from picture books to young adult novels, from historical fiction chapter books to short stories in the horror genre. The year 2008 saw the publication of her first brand-new picture book in sixteen years!
Kathy enjoys visiting schools across Canada, and especially talking with fellow writers. In 1987 she traveled to England as part of an exchange of Canadian and British children’s authors. She has helped students across Canada pursue their own creative projects through the Writers in Electronic Residence program, and has conducted writing workshops for children and adults in many communities.

When she’s not busy writing or reading, Kathy is a self-proclaimed jigsaw puzzle addict. Her children now grown, she lives with her partner, editor Peter Carver, in a hamlet not far from Guelph, Ontario.

About this very talented illustrator

Brandon James Scott is a Canadian artist and storyteller in Toronto. Since graduating with honors from the Animation Program at Sheridan College in 2007, he's pursued work in the animation world and is currently the Creative Director of Design at the award-winning Guru Studio. He’s worked as a designer, art director, and director on animated projects with many of the largest clients in the industry.
Brandon is the creator and production designer of the hit animated series, Justin Time. The series landed Brandon a Canadian Screen Award for Best Preschool Series in 2014, and he was also nominated for both a Daytime Emmy Award and an Annie Award in 2013. As an extension of his animation career, Brandon writes and illustrates children’s books, contributes illustrative work to various media publications, and regularly guest lectures at his alma mater.
In love with both drawing and exploring since childhood, Brandon spent his early years split between creating characters and launching day-long expeditions in forests. These early experiences shape the narratives Brandon creates today, and he hopes to make art that no one has seen before—art to inspire his audience with wonder, charm, and delight.
Brandon lives in Toronto near High Park with his wife and son, who are his first and most important audience for everything he creates.

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