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"Tales From Nature: Ladybug" - a bookwrap


Tales From Nature: Ladybug 
authored and illustrated by Magali Attiogbé

* Age Range:  2-4
* Grade Level:  PS+
* Series:  Tales from Nature
* Board Book:  18 pages
* Publisher:  words&pictures
* Pub. Date:  March 19, 2019
* Language:  English

Unwrapping some sweet illustrations

Unwrapping the story

This simple, sweet board book is a perfect introduction to the ladybug for toddlers and pre-schoolers.  The illustrations are large, vibrant and informative.  It highlights the ladybug's life cycle, its importance in the garden as it dines on aphids, how it camouflages itself in time of danger, and where it lays its eggs.  

It is a wonderful way to get wee ones interested in nature and aware of the marvels around them.  It is an interactive book with a lift-the-flap addition that kids will surely love.  Every page brings a new opportunity for questions and conversations as the book is shared together.  

I am a huge fan of getting kids outdoors and teaching them to become nature detectives.   I highly recommend this book and the whole "Tales From Nature" series. 

Storywraps Rating - 5+++ HUGS!!!!!

My personal experience 

I have a mock orange blossom tree in my front yard and I noticed a long while back that it was covered with aphids.  I read that having ladybugs in your garden is the perfect solution, environmentally friendly, and great for both plant and insect.  

It just so happened that my local nursery was advertising live ladybugs (1000 per package, how they ever counted them and bagged them was a mystery to me ) and I thought what a great idea. I got in the van and struck off to finally relieve my poor tree of its misery.  I found the ladybugs and their little wings were thrumming against the plastic bag which was well ventilated and teaming with excited little red-with-black-dot bugs. Yep, found them!

I remember getting into my van with the precious package and keeping the windows closed thinking that if I ever had an accident a 1000  ladybugs would take flight inside and how would I explain that to the police officer who appeared to rescue me.  Luckily I made it home safely and was so excited to release these sweet creatures and cure my tree which was not a happy camper.  What a caring, conscientious, and savvy gardener I was!  ( or so I thought )

I carefully took my package, stuck my hand as far into the tree branches as I could and ever so cautiously tore open the package expecting the ladybugs to nestle in and start munching the yummy aphid buffet that was set before them.  Guess what happened??? 

The ladybugs had a totally different plan... an escape plan.  They immediatly took flight and scattered everywhere.... to someone else's garden to dine.  Oh my!  I never expected that response. 

 I just stood there, first in disbelief that how dare they take off and decline my delicious aphids and then I cracked up.  I laughed and laughed. Of course they would fly away. That bit of truth was not printed on the package.  How dumb was I thinking that they would stick around and bond to my tree and live there happily every after for generations to come. No matter what they were off doing good somewhere and I was left with a fun, silly tale to tell.  I love ladybugs.  May they be with us to observe and enjoy in nature always. 

Bye!  Bye!  Thanks for the ride and freedom!  

About the author / illustrator

Magali Attiogbé is an illustrator.
Born in Togo, from a Togolese father and a French mother, she arrived in France at the age of three.
In 2002, she obtained a DMA (diploma of crafts) option illustration at the Estienne school in Paris.
Since then, she has worked mainly for youth on a variety of media such as posters, postcards, toys, books, etc.
Beside her job as an illustrator, she practices sewing and singing, sometimes even both at the same time.

Her website:

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