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"Kindergarten for Kids" - bookwraps to enjoy

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  The First Day and Beyond: 8 Books About Kindergarten for Kids
by Dena McMurdie

Dena McMurdie

Dena read Jack London's White Fang in the third grade and has loved children's books ever since. She reads, blogs, and paints in North Carolina where she lives with her husband and three children. You can also find her at her blog, Batch of Books, where she writes about children's, middle grade, and young adult books.


I’ve sent two kids off to kindergarten and it broke my heart both times. They looked so small and uncertain on those first few days of school. However, it didn’t take long before they were jumping out of the car and walking confidently through the school’s front doors without looking back. Soon, they were telling me about their teacher, their new friends, and all the fun stuff they did at school.
Kindergarten can be intimidating for kids (and their parents) in the days leading up to it and during the first few weeks. Here are eight books to help you both get ready for the big day.

by Candice Ransom, illustrated by Christine Grove

Amanda knows how her first day of kindergarten should go, but her expectations are thwarted at every turn. Bright, fresh illustrations fill the pages of this adorable book about disappointment, friendship, and kindness.

by Natasha Wing, illustrated by Julie Durrell

There's a lot to do on the night before kindergarten such as picking out school supplies and choosing your first day outfit. This fun story about preparing for the first day of school was inspired by the famous Christmas poem by Clement C. Moore.

by Toni Buzzeo, illustrated by Amy Wummer

Annie's thirst for adventure tends to get her in trouble, but when two kindergarten classmates go missing, the teacher relies on Annie to save the day. A fun story for kids that have tons of energy and like to be over-prepared for any situation.

by Barbara Park, illustrated by Denise Brunkus

This set of seventeen short chapter books is full of Junie B.'s backwards logic and laugh-out-loud moments, set in a kindergarten classroom. They're great for growing readers that want stories they can relate to and laugh with.

by Marc Brown

Monkey doesn't feel ready for kindergarten and his worries threaten to overtake him. As he prepares for school with the help of his parents and some advice from his big brother, his fears subside. Monkey learns the valuable lesson of being well prepared for any big change.

by D.J. Steinberg, illustrated by Mark Chambers

This is one of the cutest books about kindergarten! It follows the entire year — from the first day through the last, highlighting the friendships, fun, and memorable moments kids experience along the way.

by Joseph Slate, illustrated by Ashley Wolff

Most days in kindergarten are rowdy, but today is particularly crazy. With loads of creativity and chances to learn, Miss Bindergarten and her crew of kindergarten students must get their wild and disastrous classroom back in order.

by Jenna Lettice, illustrated by Colleen Madden

Following the familiar countdown tune of "The Twelve Days of Christmas," this book celebrates the first twelve days of kindergarten. Warm and comforting, it shows kids what to expect during their first days at school.


Another week has flown by and it's the weekend once again.  Everyone is gearing up for back-to-school time and it's nice to have some good books in your arsenal to share before that awesome event happens.  I hope the above article and booklist was helpful to you.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  See you back here on Monday to unwrap some more quality picture books that you can share with your little ones.  Read on........

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