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"Bruno Has One Hundred Friends" - a bookwrap

This is Bruno.  He is on his way to go fishing with his friends Renzo and Rico. When he looks down on the road he discovers a strange object.  Little does he know that this object will teach him a very valuable life lesson, one that everyone should learn.  This is his story...


"Bruno Has One Hundred Friends"

By Francesca Pirrone

* Ages:  5+

* Grade Level:  K-2

* Hardcover:  32 pages

* Publisher: Clavis

* Pub. Date:  October 8, 2019

* Language:  English


 A kid-friendly reminder of the dark side of connected life." - Kirkus Reviews

“A cute, simplistic story of real physical friends vs our online friends. Who will be there when the phone goes away? Great for elementary-age students, as as well upper levels as an introduction to digital citizenship.” - Amy Stefanski (Librarian at Dunlap School District)

“Super cute and really timely. I know this caters to a younger crowd but I teach middle school and this could be a fun picture book as part of our #classroombookaday because I feel it is applicable to that age group as well. This book brings to light that phones bring you close to those you are far from and far from those right near you.” – Stephanie Mills (Librarian at Park View Middle School)

Unwrapping Some Wonderful Illustration For You

Unwrapping the Story

This book, translated from Dutch, is very relevant for today's kids ( and adults ).  Bruno finds a mobile phone in the forest one day while he and his friends are going off to fish.  Curious, he picks it up and as soon as he does it flashes bright.  He is mesmerized by its beauty and all the things that he can explore in it.  

"Inside, Bruno finds extraordinary things: pictures he's never seen, words he's never read, sounds he's never heard.  And above all,  so many friends."

From that moment on he is under the spell of this magical box but sometimes stage, fanasty magic can become dark, black magic.  

Bruno becomes obsessed with his new found toy and over-the-moon happy with all the ability it offers for making lots and lots of friends.  He competely shuts out his friends as he becomes more and more absorbed in the wonders of his phone.  He is on it at the dinner table, on the toilet and even at bedtime... totally neglecting his real friends Renzo and Rico.  Oh my!  That is not right to exclude them and hang with his phone friends. 

Bruno and Ricko are very worried and want Bruno back.  They invite him to go collecting honey with them and have a lovely picnic in the forest together but once again Bruno declines.  Then the unexpected happens.  The magical box doesn't light up any more.  Bruno freaks out because he has lost his digital friends but will that reality cause him to realize the value of his real friends?  Mmmmmmm??? 

The message is important and positive for children to learn at a young age.  There's no substitute for the friends around you who love, care and want to spend quality time with you, in real time of course.  The story ends with a fun cliffhanger... which wraps the tale up perfectly.  I highly recommend this book. 

Storywraps Rating - 5 +++ HUGS!!!!!

Digital friends are good but real friends are great! 

Meet The Author


  Francesca Pirrone is a freelance illustrator from Italy. As a child, she used to draw for hours. Her mother got so angry that she confiscated the eraser... but it was all for nothing. Pirrone went to the Art Institute in Florence and studied engraving, decorating, sculpture and mosaic. Her passion is to illustrate childrens books. She loves to create characters and invent stories for them. She made a few tactile books for blind children. Two of them were awarded by the Italian Federation of the Blind. In 2016 she was honored with the Key Colours Award of Clavis for the book Bruno has 100 friends.

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