Monday, June 8, 2020

"Tank's Forever Home" - a bookwrap

Meet Tank.  He's a very large bullmastiff.  Two siblings Shawn and Kat found the gentle giant alone and seemingly lost or homeless behind the bookstore.  This is their story...


Tank's Forever Home

Authored by Carol Kim
Illustrated by Courtney Godbey

* Ages:  6-9
* Grade Levels:  1-4
*Hardcover:  48 pages
* North Star Editions / Imprint:  Jolly Fish Press
* Pub. Date:  September 1, 2020
* Series:  Doggie Daycare Set 2
* Format:  Hardcover/Paperback/Ebook
* Language:  English 

Unwrapping Some Illustrations for You

The Book

Tank, a gentle giant mastiff, is discovered by siblings Shawn and Kat alone behind the bookstore.  They ask their parents if they can look after him until the animal rescue tries to find his owner.  The kids try their best also to match Tank up with their elderly neighbour Mrs. Tanaka whose beloved pet passed away a few years ago.   She still dearly misses her dog as they were best friends and spent quality time together. 

The animal rescue centre has a lead on Tank's presumptive owner. Will Tank finally get to return to his home?  Will Mrs. Tanaka be disappointed that Tank cannot be hers?  I wonder what the fate of this lovely dog will turn out to be? 

The illustrations are lovely but I wish they had been done in colour.  The cover is bright and vibrant and pulls the reader into the story.  I think the book would have had much more of an impact if all the illustrations followed the cover's lead.  

The book has 5 short chapters and questions at the end of the book to think about and discuss, regarding both the the story and pet adoptions.  I highly recommend this book.  

Storywrap's Rating - 5 + HUGS!

Meet the Author and Illustrator

Carol Kim lives in Texas with her husband, two daughters, and one very well-behaved dog. Her childhood was spent in Southern California, where she grew up eating kimchi every day. She writes both fiction and nonfiction for children. When she's not writing, she enjoys reading, cooking and traveling, and exploring food from different cultures.

Courtney Godbey lives in South Carolina with her husband and their cat, Juliette. She grew up loving to draw and took many art classes during her elementary and high school years. She studied studio art in college and has enjoyed drawing for children's books since graduating. When she is not drawing, she enjoys knitting, playing video games, and reading.

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