Thursday, July 2, 2020

The Little Red Shed- a bookwrap

"In The Little Red Shed, by Adam Young and Jennifer Young, a shed goes on a journey (really!) and comes home to realize just how important it is to cherish what makes us different." (Most Anticipated: Spring 2020 Books for Young Readers 49th Shelf 2020-02-21)

“From worry and despair through compassion and hope and finally self-appreciation and diversity, The Little Red Shed offers a lesson for young children to accept themselves as they are, not as others decide they should be... Adam and Jennifer Young make sure the text is minimal, enough to carry a story, choosing words that are absolute in their power and naturalness... The voice of the story is ideal for young children, helping them understand that differences are not a curse but a gift… With Adam Young's bold and colourful art, the story is carried from the darkness and despair of stormy blues through the hope of green and ending with the vibrancy of the rainbow of sheds and water and landscape. There is so much movement and emotion in Adam Young's illustrations that the story of the little red shed becomes an odyssey of self-discovery and colour that every reader can and will appreciate.” (CanLit for Little Canadians 2020-06-10)


The Little Red Shed 
by Adam & Jennifer Young

* Ages:   4-8
* Grade Level:  PS-3
* Paperback:  36 pages
* Publiser:  Breakwater Books
* Pub. Date:  May 15, 2020
* Language:  English 

Unwrapping  It's Journey

Selected as a Most Anticipated Spring 2020 Book for Young Readers by 49th Shelf
Being featured in a Summer Storytime Series by the Newfoundland and Labrador Public Libraries
⟰ Recently featured on VOCM radio
Highlighted in the Writers' Trust of Canada Draw the Word Challenge

A Flavour

 The Book

Little shed awakens one morning "woke".  She realizes that she is different from the other sheds around her.  She used to be white but now has turned red.   The other sheds shame her.  She feels different... a misfit... unwanted. No one will play with her making her feel alone and sad.  

She boards a boat called the Ocean Queen and takes to the high seas leaving her home far behind.  On her journey she meets a very unexpected visitor who encourages her and praises her beautiful colour.  His words fill her heart with confidence and boosts her self-esteem.  She feels proud of who she is and brave enough to return back to her seaside home.  Will the other sheds welcome her back and accept her for the beautiful red shed that she truly is?  

This is a wonderful book with a positive message of celebrating who you are.  We are all made different and unique. Together we weave a diverse tapestry where everything and everyone is a thread.  All need to feel accepted and included to make the glorious cloth complete.  The Little Red Shed is an inspirational story that encourages everyone to applaud their individuality.  I highly recommend this book!  

Note from Me:  ( Being Canadian I truly appreciated the spelling of "colourful" ).  Lol! 

Meet the Creators

ADAM AND JENNIFER YOUNG live on Fogo Island, Newfoundland, with their two daughters and their dog, Johnny Cash. An accomplished visual artist, Adam is best known for his original, whimsical, and vividly colourful depictions of Eastern Canada.

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