Friday, August 7, 2020

"Gary the Seagull" - a bookwrap


Christian “B.A.” Johnston publishes a picture book about a surly, ketchup chips–loving seagull

Gary the Seagull

Authored by  Christian "BA" Johnston
Illustrated by Paul Hammond

* Ages:  3-7
* Grade Level:  1-2
* Paperback:  31 pages
* Publisher: Nimbus Publishing, illustrated edition
* Pub. Date:  August 7, 2020
* Sold by: Services LLC
* Language:  English 

Unwrapping Some Wonderful Illustrations

The Book 

Kids will love this book and especially the main character, a bold ( but loveable ) seagull named Gary!  Gary lands on a crowded beach one hot sunny day looking for people food.  He knows all those beach-goers come loaded down with yummy picnic lunches and he is starving!  

Try as he might to abscond various mouth-watering snacks the reaction is always the same... kids shouting... "SHOO, BIRD! SHOO!"  His tummy rumbles louder.  He wants food!  Then his luck changes. Gary spots a little boy sitting away from the crowd ready to scarf down his lunch.  Mmmmmmm a tasty sandwich, watermelon and Gary's favourite... ketchup chips! Oh yea!  Bingo!  

Gary tries very hard to deceive the little guy into sharing his food but the boy has the same reaction as the others on the beach.... "SHOO,  BIRD!  SHOO! "  Poor Gary is salivating for just a crumb of those amazing ketchup chips!   If his trickery didn't work will telling the truth do it? 

This book is a perfect read-aloud that allows kid's to participate in shouting, "SHOO, BIRD! SHOO!"  The illustrations are vibrant, bold and humorous breathing life into the text.  I love a book with a fun twist at the end and I highly recommend it.  A great debut book by a talented Canadian author.  

Meet the Author

Christian "BA" Johnston is a songwriter and former frycook who lives in a hundred year old house which is about to fall over with his wife, dinosaur-obsessed child, and two very obese cats. He enjoys outdated technology and eating ketchup chips on a beach as his child chases the seagulls towards other people. This is his first book.
Paul Hammond is a Canadian artist, illustrator, and comics creator currently living in Toronto Ontario, by way of Halifax Nova Scotia. He was educated at NSCAD University (BFA 2005), and cut his teeth designing & screen-printing gig posters. He thinks mistakes are nice, and likes to leave them in when he's allowed.

About the Illustrator

Paul Hammond is a Canadian artist, illustrator, and comics creator currently living in Toronto Ontario, by way of Halifax Nova Scotia.  His work is bold & playful, with regular dips into the realm of the weird. He employs frequent use of hand-drawn lettering, pattern and texture, with a combination of traditional drawing methods and digital techniques. He thinks mistakes are beautiful, and likes to leave them in when he's allowed.

He was educated at NSCAD University, receiving a B.F.A. in 2005, and cut his teeth designing & screen-printing gigposters with long-time collaborative partner Seth Smith under the name Yorodeo. He writes and draws a semi-regular comic called Hey You Goofs, which is published in Halifax's alt weekly The Coast. 

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