Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Patrick's Polka-Dot Tights - a bookwrap

Patrick loves his purple tights but the truth is...  they are not HIS tights. 


Patrick's Polka-Dot Tights 

Authored by Kristen McCurry
Illustrated by MacKenzie Haley

* Ages:  4-7
* Grade Level:  PS-2
* Hardcover:  32 pages
Publisher:  Captstone Editions
* Pub. Date:  Jan. 1, 2021
* Language:  English 

Unwrapping Some Fabulous Illustrations for You to Enjoy

The Book

Patrick is enamoured with his purple polka-dotted tights. 

"Patrick's tights were perfect and purple and had tiny polka-dots that stretched into ovals when he pulled them." 

Being a creative and imaginative little boy he finds so many ways to play and use them with his out-of-the-box thinking.  The problem?  They really belong to his sister Penelope.  He thinks that Penelope doesn't deserve them because the only time she wants them is when she does her stupid old piano recitals. Unfair! 

 Patrick uses them to play dress - up, at night to keep the chilly air from tickling his toes, to rescue bears from drowning in the sea, for taking his hot dog for a walk, and as a bandana when he goes on a fantastic motorcycle adventure, just to name a few.  

This delightful  book encourages kids to be unique and true to themselves.   Patrick lives in a family that is open to his explorations and creative imagination.  When his beloved purple polka-dotted leotards meet a tragedy his dad, sensing how much Patrick loved them,  replaces the soiled pair with three pair of his son's very own.  Everyone is on board to encourage Patrick and put his happiness first.   The illustrations are are so well done and Patrick is an adorable and loveable character.  I highly recommend this book.  

Storywraps Rating:  5 +++ HUGS! 

Meet the Author

Kristen McCurry is an Iowa-born children’s writer and editor who lived in lots of places before settling in Minnesota. She loves reading, whacking tennis balls, and hanging out with her family, which includes her husband, teenage twins, and a sneaky beagle named ZuZu.

About the Illustrator 

MacKenzie Haley is an illustrator, runner, and cat whisperer. She has her BFA in illustration from the University of Dayton. She's completed two full marathons (slowly), fostered about twelve cats (not at the same time), and has a codependent cat named Booger. She has drawn her whole life, and flunked a math test in the third grade because she turned the test over and used the entire time to draw characters and faces out of numbers. MacKenzie Haley currently resides in Louisville, KY

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