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"Terrific Toddlers Book Series" - some fabulous bookwraps for you


Terrific Toddlers Book Series

By: Carol Zeavin and Rhona Silverbush

This revolutionary and unique series is the first ever to handle the topics in carefully researched, developmentally appropriate ways for toddlers.

* Ages:  2-3
* Grade Level:  PS-K
* Part of Terrific Toddlers Book Series
* Page Count:  16
* Publisher:  Magination/American Psychological Association
* Pub. Date:  November 17, 2020
* Note to Parents and Caregivers at the end of the books
* Language: English


When a new baby arrives into a close-knit family an existing toddler can feel dethroned.  Once Kai was the centre of attention and now he has to move over to create a space for a new demanding sibling.  He feels confused, emotionally challenged and abdicated.  His parents lovingly guide him through his feelings by patiently reassuring him that he will always be the apple of their eye and there will always be a place for him to snuggle upon his mommy's lap.  

A sweet group of toddlers, namely JoJo, Kai, Jack and Ava are learning a new life skill... how to use the potty!   This wonderful reassuring book  exposes the many developmental stages of perfecting that task.  It sends a positive message to both child and parents that yes it can be done! 

Oftentimes toddlers don't want to leave a place, a person, or an activity that they are engaged in even though it's time to move along.  Ava, JoJo and Jack demonstrate to the reader that they will stay just where they are thank you very much.  

The book lovingly gives scenarios and solutions as to how these transitions can be made successfully.  Toddlers have to learn to stop what they are doing when asked and be assured that they can come back another time to resume their activity or to visit their favourite place or person once again.  


Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS! 

This is an excellent series that I rightly recommend! 

Meet the Author

Carol Zeavin holds master's degrees in education and special education from Bank Street College, and wired with toddlers for nearly two decades in homes and classrooms.  She was Head Teacher at both Rockefeller University's Child and Family Center and at the Barnard Toddler Development Center, and worked for Y.A.I. and Theracare.  She is a professional violinist living in New York, NY. 

About the Illustrator

Rhona Silverbush studied psychology and theatre at Brandeis University and law at Boston College Law School.  She currently coaches actors, writes, tutors, and consults for families of children and teens with learning differences and special needs.  

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