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"Tell Tale" - a bookwrap



Tell Tail

Authored by C K Smouha

Illustrated by Katie Brosnan


* Ages:  3-7

* Grade Level:  PS+

* Publisher:  Cicada Books; Illustrated edition

* April 20, 2021

* Hardcover:  32 pages

* Language:  English

 Editorial Reviews

BOOKTRUST REVIEW: Distinctive illustrations accompany this thought-provoking tale about the importance of self-expression, which could be used to explore the concepts of emotional intelligence, diversity and acceptance with young children.

MY SHELVES ARE FULL REVIEW: I love this tale of a tail! Dex has an uncontrollable tail and it is getting him into plenty of trouble at home. Finding anger from his Dad, Dex tries to stop the tail wagging even when it was really hard to do. Meeting a new friend, Bailey, who happily and proudly wags his tail, Dex and his Dad find that wagging their tales is a brilliant form of expression. A delightful tale and a brilliant story of being proud to express who you are! CK Smouha and Katie Brosnan are the ultimate dream team for this picture book. An important message for all children!

Unwrapping Some Illustrations for You

The Book

Dex is a sweet little puppy with an extremely happy tail.  It seems uncontrollable and seems to have a mind of its own.  His family is embarrassed of its exuberant wagging and Dex keeps getting reprimanded and told to get it under control.  Poor Dex feels self-conscious and humiliated and he tries very hard to obey.  

One day a big red dog named Bailey, with a fabulous extraordinary tail, approaches Dex and asks him, "Do you like playing?"  Bailey bounces up and down with excitement and wags his magnificent, fluffy, plumy tail vigorously and guess whose tail joins in?  

Together the two romp and play and have a blast all the while wagging their tails. Dex's dad intervenes and he is not amused causing Dex to take off and run away as fast as he can.  Poor Dex will he every be accepted for the unique little guy that he is? 

The illustrations are brilliant.  They are full of expression and heart.   The book does a masterful job of getting to the core of how Dex feels when he was not accepted by his own family and how he tries to change himself to fit in.  The life lesson to take away is no matter who you are the best possible thing that you can be is .... yourself!   I highly recommend this book. 

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS! 


Meet the Author

C K Smouha was born in Australia and grew up in London and New Jersey. She studied drama at university and worked for many years as a script editor and writer. When she had children of her own, she rediscovered her love of children's literature and began writing children's books. Her first book, Born Bad, was published by Cicada in 2018.

About the Illustrator

Katie Brosnan is a recent graduate of the Cambridge School of Art Children’s book illustration programme. She is the winner of the Picture This! Walker Books and Lemniscaat award 2018, and was highly commended in the Macmillan Prize for Illustration, 2018. She is the author of Keith Amongst the Pigeons (Child’s Play, 2019) and Gut Garden (Cicada Books, 2019).

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