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"The Teeny Weeny Virus Book and Song for Pre-Schoolers" - a bookwrap



The Teensy Weensy Virus: Book and Song for Preschoolers

Authored by Sherri L. Rose
Illustrations by Megan E. Brawand


* Ages:  4-8
* Reading Age:  2-10
* Paperback:  44 pages
* Publisher:  Sherri L. Rose, LLC
* Pub. Date:  December 12, 2020
* Language:  English


A timely and developmentally appropriate aid for parents and grandparents to help their young children understand what is happening in their lives, and hopefully reduce the anxiety and emotional impact of the epidemic.”

—William T. Burke, PhD, clinical psychologist with forty years of clinical experience with children, adults, and families

In simple, direct language that respects their ages, this story teaches preschoolers how to protect themselves and others against COVID-19. Its upbeat narrative and delightful illustrations will help young children understand the safety tips and precautions needed for their well-being during this pandemic. The accompanying song, ‘The Teensy Weensy Virus,’ is a fun bonus for readers.”

—Barbara H. Dunn, PhD, RN, PNP of more than forty years. clinician, consultant, author, mentor, and former faculty member at VCU and UVA Schools of Nursing, Richmond, Virginia

“A soothing story that helps children understand the new world of COVID-19. It provides them with simple, proven steps for taking appropriate precautions, and will ease the anxiety that has accompanied this pandemic. An added benefit is the resource list provided for parents to learn more facts about this new disease.”

—Helen Ragazzi, MD, FAAP with twenty-four years of experience as a pediatrician

“Sherri Rose uses her characteristic straightforward sensitivity and undying optimism to make the unfathomable fathomable to both old and young. A developmentally appropriate, compassionate, and relatable mark of the times that is sure to be a hit with all generations as we struggle to make sense of the world around us.”

—Kathryn King, MD, MHS Associate Executive Medical Director at the Center for Telehealth, Medical University of South Carolina

Unwrapping Some Illustrations for You

The Book

In a world that is immersed in a dangerous and scary pandemic, COVID 19, this timely paperback will be an educational tool to help kids understand why this is happening and how both young and old must react to it. 

This book is a wonderful resource for parents, teachers, and caregivers to share.  When read together it will give kids the opportunity to engage in a conversation and share their feelings.   Kids will learn the proper safety measures put into place by scientists and health care advocates that will give them a deeper understanding of what is happening and what to do about it.  It reinforces the aspects of hand washing, wearing a mask, and social distancing.  It reiterates not only the protocol of daily living with an epidemic ( that can be scary ) but offers hope that if we follow the rules the virus will go away.  

"The Teensy Weensy Virus" is written in simple, understandable language and the colourful illustrations enrich the story greatly.  I like that a diverse group of children are included making it a very accepting and inclusive book.  The author has added a song so spirits can be lifted while teaching the kids all the rules to music.  The tune of the song is "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" which kids will be familiar with.  The magic of music will enforce those critical rules of safety each time it is sung.  This is a brilliant idea to include.  This is a timely book that will reduce anxiety and fear as it is shared together.  I recommend this book. 

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS!


Meet the Author

Sherri L. Rose grew up in Richmond, Virginia. As a retired pediatric and family nurse practitioner, as well as a hospice and palliative care nurse, she recognizes the critical importance of helping children understand what is happening during the pandemic that is currently sweeping the globe. COVID-19 has created so much stress, anxiety, grief, and loss for adults - imagine what children must think, but be unable to express! Inspired by her concerns for the smallest among us - as well as by her own significant grief over not being able to hug her grandchildren during quarantine - Sherri began to write this book to help preschoolers understand what's going on and why all of us have to follow new rules. As a mother of three daughters and three stepdaughters, as well as a grandmother to many more, she hopes that the resources found in this book will be useful to parents and caregivers all over the world.

About the Illustrator

Megan Brawand is a fifteen-year-old sophomore at Thomas Dale High School in Chester, Virginia. Megan loves to draw, paint, and create digital artwork as a way of combining her thoughts and feelings. Her artwork has been included at several local art exhibits. In 2018, at age thirteen, she created a painting that was chosen for display at Crossroads Art Center in Richmond, Virginia. Megan's other interests include theatre production, sci-fi themes, and vintage automobiles. She plans to attend college to pursue a career in concept art so she may create illustrations that convey a writer's ideas prior to production. Megan is humbled and honored to collaborate with this author on such a wonderful book!

The Musical Talent

Sherri wrote the lyrics for The Teensy Weensy Virus with a little help from the Gregory Brothers, a Brooklyn-based quartet specializing in comedy music. Evan David Gregory arranged the musical score, which can be purchased at https: // The arrangement makes for a great song for string players and new pianists. In addition to their work on The Teensy Weensy Virus, the Gregory Brothers are the creators of the video series Auto-Tune the News and Songify This. You can watch their videos, which have been viewed over one billion times, at

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