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"One, Two, Follow Through" - a bookwrap




One, Two, Follow Through!: Starring Polly Pivot

Authored by Mary Jacobs

Illustrated by Ron Noble

LGPA Educator and All-American Golfer Helps Kids Discover their Drive and Thrive in Three Easy Steps


* Ages:  4-8

* Grade Level:  PS-3+

* Hardcover: 32 pages

* Publisher:  Triumph Books

* Pub. Date:  June 8, 2021

*Language:  English


"Not only is this a fun and entertaining story, it also teaches wonderful life lessons just like the game of golf itself." —Mark Wahlberg

"Mary has written a wonderful book for young golfers that reminds all of us who love the game to keep it simple and fun!"

Unwrapping Some Illustrations for You

The Book

All- American Golfer and LGPA Golf Instructor Mary Jacobs inspires kids through the game of golf to be exactly who they were created to be.  She teaches kids the value of sportsmanship, inclusivity, and mostly to follow their own gut instincts. 

Polly Pivot adores the game of golf.  From a very young age she shows skill and promise and her Paw Paw (her grand dad) encourages, supports, and coaches her with great enthusiasm every single day.  He is her best cheerleader. 

Polly goes to camp and faces a huge obstacle and setback...namely Greenskeeper Greenie, who instructs the kids that there is only one way to swing a golf club and it's not the way that Polly feels comfortable doing. She tries being robotic with her swing like she is told but it definitely isn't her style and takes all the fun out of the game.   Did intimidating Greenskeeper Greenie deter Polly?  No way. Brave Polly stands up for what she knows is right and brings her success.  In doing so she inspires the other students and even her curmudgeon instructor!  She proves to them that you can be most successful if you stay true to yourself.  

The illustrations are amazing full of action, detail and emotion.  They animate the text and drive the story home.  I like the diversity of the kids attending the camp.  The story is thought provoking and will spark conversations about possibilities and creativity while also highlighting the inclusive of children's sports.  I love the positive message and whole uplifting vibe of the book.  I highly recommend "One, Two, Follow Through!: Starring Polly Pivot". 

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS! 


Meet the Author

Mary Jacobs developed her love of sports by competing with (and beating) her five older brothers in a small town in the Midwest. Mary went on to become an All-American Golfer at the University of Arizona and won a Bronze medal while representing the USA in the World University Olympic Games. She is now a highly esteemed LPGA Teaching and Club Professional at the prestigious Wilshire Country Club in Los Angeles, California.

In Her Own Words

" I wrote this book because I want to share the incredible game and its wonderful life lessons with children, " says Jacobs.  " I hope it inspires them to use follow through ih their daily lives in order to become their very best selves." 

About the Illustrator

Ron Noble is an Emmy Award Winning Animation Director and lifelong Cartoonist.  After graduating from Syracuse University and creating an award-winning animated short Living in Ridalyn, he moved to Los Angeles to work as a storyboard artist for Klasky Csupo Studios.  He served as a supervisor director on Nickelodeon's The Wild ThornberrysRocket Power, As Told by Ginger, All Grown Up, and Rugrats, where he won an Emmy for directing.  He joined Cartoon Network is 2005 as lead storyboard artist by day while creating Nobleown Studios at night. In addition to illustrating this book he is also working on a series of his own called Letter Beasties. 

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